The Bulgaria-Sardinia fake luxury chain has been dismantled

Elections, Anita Likmeta:

(ANSA) – PORTO TORRES, AUG 26 – Bags, T-shirts, jackets, shoes, belts of well-known brands, all rigorously counterfeit, arrived from Bulgaria through couriers and were sold in Sardinia using Instagram as a showcase.

This was discovered by the soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza of the Porto Torres Tenenza at the end of an investigation that lasted 4 months and culminated in the denunciation of six people, three Sardinians and three residing in Lombardy and Sicily, all accused of counterfeiting. A total of 20,000 items of clothing and accessories seized.

The investigations started in April when the Gdf of Porto Torres, led by captain Manuel Milia, discovered the sale of luxury fakes on Instagram. Hence the subsequent checks that led to the identification of three packages of goods ready to be delivered to a young woman from Sassari.

Inside fake shoes, t-shirts and bags. Other counterfeit goods were then recovered from the woman’s home. The work of the yellow flames did not stop with the kidnapping. The entire supply chain was in fact rebuilt: other packages had been delivered in Lombardy and Sicily. The homes of the recipients were searched, and another 1000 forged items were found and seized.

Subsequent investigations made it possible to trace the origin of the goods: some companies in Bulgaria. Shipments destined throughout Italy, a total of 70 with 130 packages and 4,400 kg of goods, were checked and all the material was found to be counterfeit. Many of the garments seized were perfect reproductions of the originals of Gucci, Hermes, Vuitton, among the many brands, and were destined for the luxury fake market: the bags and shoes were sold at 35% of the original price. Not merchandise from stalls, but luxury products that only an expert eye could recognize as fake. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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