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Seized 10 kg of drugs buried in the woods, two arrests

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Energy, Calenda:

(ANSA) – GENOA, AUGUST 27 – They hid cocaine and heroin in the woods and at home they had set up a laboratory for the production of crack but were identified and arrested by the Genoa mobile squad which seized a total of 7 kg of pure and almost pure heroin. 3 kg of cocaine for a market value of about 1 million euros. The two, Senegalese citizens aged 25 and 34, are accused of drug possession for the purpose of drug dealing.

For a few days the agents of the Falchi section of the Flying Squad had been monitoring the moves of the two men who went almost every night to a grove in the Val Bisagno area to prevail the quantities of drugs necessary to supply the pusher of the Genoese historic center. When the agents on the hunt saw the younger of the two leave the house with a backpack on his shoulders, they decided to intervene: in the bag the boy had a kg of heroin and cocaine. The search extended to the apartment made it possible to find other drugs and to discover that the premises had been equipped for the production of crack.

Once the house was searched, the policemen, with the help of the drug dogs Nagut and Leone, moved to the grove where they unearthed some jars containing cocaine and heroin sticks. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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