Stalker released, Quaestor issues a pass

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(ANSA) – FERRARA, AUG 27 – The police commissioner of Ferrara Salvatore Calabrese has issued a one-year pass from the municipal area of ​​Portomaggiore for the 44-year-old Pakistani who was arrested by the police the other evening, after having violated a ban on approaching a bartender who had reported him for stalking. he had been immediately released on the orders of the judicial authorities, pending trial.

Since the man had previously been arrested also for resisting a public official, for a violent reaction to the control when the woman had asked for the help of the police for the first time, the Commissioner found a danger to the public safety of human behavior and has issued the measure of the waybill: the 44-year-old will have to return to the municipality of Casalecchio (Bologna) where he appears to be residing, with the obligation of presentation to the police forces of the country and will not be able to return to Portomaggiore. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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