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Dead woman in Trieste: legal husband, we will present reservations

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(ANSA) – TRIESTE, AUG 28 – The lawyer Paolo Bevilacqua, who assists Sebastiano Visintin as a civil party, the husband of Liliana Resinovich, the woman who disappeared in Trieste on December 14 and whose body was found on January 5, announced the filing of “reasoned observations and reservations” drawn up together with a consultant, the legal doctor Raffaele Barisani. He told the newspaper Il Piccolo, referring to the report by the Prosecutor’s Office – carried out by doctors Fulvio Costantinides and Fabio Cavalli – of which only a 50-page draft has been circulated while it has not yet been deposited in the official version.

The report supports the version of the suicide specifying that the death would have occurred two or three days before the discovery of the body, in the grove of the former psychiatric hospital in two large black bags. A hypothesis not entirely shared by Visintin’s lawyer, in particular as regards the date of death. The lawyer may ask for an additional investigation, however the Prosecutor’s Office will decide whether to dismiss the case or not. Meanwhile, the Bevilacqua studio, Il Piccolo writes, would have launched initiatives to protect Visintin and Liliana’s image, sending the woman’s brother, Sergio Resinovich, and Claudio Sterpin a new warning “not to direct public opinion against Mr. Sebastiano Visintin, made the target of suspicions “. Sergio Resinovich and Claudio Sterpin harbor doubts about the suicide hypothesis.

The newspaper in an extensive report summarizes the entire story with a detailed chronological reconstruction of the facts and the conduct of the investigations, posing a series of questions.

First among which: where was Liliana in the period of disappearance. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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