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Child driving speedboat. The father urges him: “Go captain”

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“Go captain, you are the strongest! And I am your sailor”: with these words a father encourages, in a video finished on Tiktok, the little son who is driving a motorboat presumably in the Gulf of Naples to continue the race in the waves, despite the child saying several times “I do not see, I do not see”. “See you see,” replies his father, who wants to complete the video shoot for publication on social media.

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It is the salient moment of the episode denounced by the regional councilor of Campania of Europa Verde, Francesco Emilio Borrellthe. Not an isolated case. It is in fact the third episode of this type that has occurred in Campania since the beginning of summer, and each time the fathers have shot videos that have ended up on Tiktok and have gone viral.

“Unfortunately, during this summer – says Borrelli – we have received numerous videos posted on social networks of children driving powerful motorboats. To this sample of irresponsibility and absolute parental incapacity is added another, created by an author with a clear Neapolitan accent, that particularly struck me. This time the very young driver drives at full throttle pushing a 40 horsepower engine, but he complains of not being able to see anything in front of him because he can hardly get past the rudder. Despite this – adds Borrelli – his father obliges him to remain seated because he has to finish making the video with his mobile phone. We are now in total delirium. The need to immortalize this shameful scene, without any fault of the child, has priority over the importance of avoiding dramatic incidents at sea. It doesn’t matter if in front there is another boat, a diver, a kayak.

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What matters is to finish the video “. According to the regional councilor,” in the face of these episodes the only thing to do is to go back to the protagonists and report the case to the social workers to check if the minors involved are not forced into other contexts as well. to engage in dangerous behaviors for their safety for the mere amusement of adults “.

The other two cases (also reported by Borrelli) occurred in Castellammare di Stabia and in the waters of the Gulf of Naples. In the first episode, dated May 30, the father tells the child to “go slow”, but still appreciates the fact that his son juggles well driving. A few days later, on June 3, the scene repeats itself, with a child immortalized while driving a powerful motorboat in the waters of the Gulf.

Source: Ansa

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