Covid: school vademecum, there is no dad for positive pupils

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With the resumption of lessons in September, students who fall ill with Covid will no longer be able to use dad as it was in the last three years of school: “the special legislation for the school context linked to the Sars-Cov2 virus, which allowed this modality, its effects cease with the conclusion of the 2021/2022 school year “, explains the Ministry of Education in a vademecum sent today to schools with the main indications in view of the start of the 2022/2023 year.

Nor will schools be able to independently activate Integrated Digital Didactics: “it is explicitly written, the positives must not do the ddi, the schools, therefore, will not do it. To the parents who ask for it, I will say that there is a provision of the ministry, the parent can challenge the decision of the Ministry of Education if he deems it but the head teacher carries out what the department decides, the schools do not have decision-making autonomy in this respect “, explains Cristina Costarelli, dean of the Liceo Scientifico Newton in Rome and head of PNA of Lazio.

You can go to school even if you have a cold but the respiratory symptoms must be “mild” and the general conditions are good and without fever. In this case you must wear the Ffp2 mask, foresees the note from the ministry of viale Trastevere, signed by the head of department Jacopo Greco. The masks are also provided for pupils and for all fragile personnel in possession of the necessary certification: in this case the Ffp2 and eye devices will come from the same school. Even personnel who want to protect themselves can use a respiratory protective device of type FFP2 and tools for eye protection. The mask is therefore no longer mandatory except for students and school staff at risk.

The temperature measurement at the entrance is no longer foreseen but if in the classroom it emerges that someone among the school staff or students presents symptoms indicative of Sars-CoV-2 infection, they must be housed in the dedicated room or in the isolation area, specially prepared and, in the case of children or underage pupils, parents must be notified. For confirmed cases to return to school, a negative test result (molecular or antigenic) is required.

The document also provides that pupils stay in school is not allowed in cases of symptoms compatible with covid, body temperature above 37.5 degrees, test for positive covid. The ministry recommends periodic ordinary sanitation of the premises, which must be extraordinary and timely in the presence of one or more confirmed cases and frequent air exchange. School principals will have to ask the Local Health Authority and Arpa for preliminary air quality monitoring activities. This is a theme that has raised the perplexities and criticisms of some principals in recent days.

Finally, the ministry provides that “in the event of specific public health needs”, “additional measures are envisaged, which could be implemented, individually or in combination, at the disposal of the health authorities for the containment of viral circulation and the protection of workers and the population. school and related families if the epidemiological conditions worsen “. For the national president of ANP Antonello Giannelli, the vademecum arrived today from the ministry is “a very opportune clarification that meets the many requests for clarifications presented by educational institutions. The choice to publish faqs helps managers to understand and put into practice some operational aspects of the recent indications of the Ministry of Health “.

Source: Ansa

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