“Gay couple offended at Pompeii excavations”, Arcigay’s complaint

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, AUGUST 28 – Offended because homosexuals at the entrance to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii (Naples). It happened to a couple of boys, who immediately reported the incident to Antonello Sannino, Secretary Antinoo Arcigay Napoli, who denounced the episode on Facebook and in the media.

“An employee of the park (or perhaps a guide, but in any case provided with an identification badge) – says Sannino – in a confrontation with other employees, he would have said to a colleague, literally: ‘let’s get ready, a ship of rich people will arrive’, referring to tourists arriving in Pompeii from a gay friendly cruise, stopping in the port of Naples. At the request for an apology from the two boys, the above person refused, arguing “that it is a local custom to use this definition. So far the chronicle of what would have happened.

“It is not acceptable – comments Sannino – that in a symbolic place of Italian art and culture in the world, the archaeological park of the ancient city of Pompeii, an employee can behave in this uncivilized and unprofessional way. Our association,” Pride Vesuvius Rainbow ‘, in providing full assistance and solidarity to the two young victims of this unfortunate episode, has already taken steps to have a meeting with the Superintendency of the archaeological park of Pompeii, in order to discuss the incident, and above all so that they are adopted measures and measures so that what happened should no longer be repeated in the future. The episode also pushes us to urge the Campania Region to fully implement the regional law against homotransphobia, starting with the constitution of the Regional Observatory against crimes of hatred related to sexual orientation and gender identity, required by law and not yet operational “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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