Storm in the Marche: at least 10 dead. Four are missing, among them two children

The death toll of the flood that hit the Marche has risen to 10. The prefecture of Ancona updated the budget

At least 180 firefighters at work in the area of ​​the storm that hit the region: dozens of people who took refuge on the roofs of houses and trees were rescued during the night, explains the fire brigade. More than one hundred and fifty interventions that have been carried out.

“At the moment a mother with an 8-year-old daughter who were trying to escape are missing. And in another situation a mother and a son always escaped: in this case the mother was saved”. It is the mayor of Barbara, Riccardo Pasqualini, who took stock of the missing people in the storm

It is an apocalyptic situation, something that in many years I have never seen “, said Carlo Manfredi, mayor of Castellone di Suasa, center in the province of Ancona.” Plants and trees transported like twigs. Unfortunately we are still looking for the 8 year old. Fortunately, last night we found the mother still alive. She was in the car then she saw this stream of water coming and went down with the baby in her arms but then they were dragged away “, he added. The victims are in Ostra, Trecastelli and Barbara, all centers in Ancona.

Bad weather in the Marche, in Senigallia the elderly saved with rafting boats

In the morning the firefighters recovered in Bettolelle, a fraction of the municipality of Senigallia, the body of a man who has been run over by water while he was in his car. Except, however, another one, whom the firefighters rescued from a tree. There is therefore also a child among the four missing. The little boy was with his mother in the car who was blocked by the water. According to what was reconstructed at the time by the rescuers, the woman was able to leave the car with the child in her arms but she would then be overwhelmed again. The firefighters rescued and rescued her in the night but at the time of the baby there is no trace of her. The wave of bad weather that hit the Marche “it was not expected at these levels, we had no alarm levels. And the flooding of the Misa, in particular, was sudden and sudden “, explains the regional councilor for civil protection Stefano Aguzzi. In some places,” there was no time to intervene, there are people who may have been in the street or they went out not realizing the danger “. The head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio left for the Marches after the water bomb.” Our closeness and solidarity with the people affected by bad weather in the Marche. The Italian Red Cross, both locally and nationally, is operative in rescues and assistance. “Thus the President of the CRI, Francesco Rocca.

The president of the Marche Region Acquaroli, calls from Mattarella and Draghi – “I have just received the calls from the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi” This was announced by the President of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli. “President Mattarella expressed solidarity with our community and gratitude to all those who are tirelessly working for relief – he adds -. Draghi expressed his closeness, reassuring me of the support for every necessary need. The pain for what happened is deep but the community Marche is strong and will know how to react. My thoughts go to the missing people and their families, to whom I express condolences and closeness “.

Source: Ansa

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