Flood in the Marche: at least 10 dead. Four missing, among them two children. Hundreds of displaced people

The death toll of the flood that hit the Marche has risen to 10. The prefecture of Ancona updated the budget.

There are also four missing, two are children.

The Cabinet has state of emergency for the Marche Region approved.

There were moments of terrorwith truly extraordinary quantities of water “. Thus the head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio after the meeting in the prefecture in Ancona which was also attended by the leaders of the fire brigade, the head of department Laura Lega and the head of the body Giorgio Parisi.”It rained a third in a few hours than what it normally rains in these areas in a year – he adds – and in some areas it rained twice as much as it rains in summer. It was a quantity of water that suddenly spilled over the territories, causing havoc and death “.

“In the areas affected by the bad weather emergency in the Marche there are currently hundreds of displaced people“. The prefect of Ancona Darco Pellos said at the end of the meeting at the regional civil protection. The prefect did not give precise numbers to the journalists for victims and missing, which he instead spoke of during the meeting behind closed doors. confirmed that there are “ongoing research involving minors”.

At least 180 firefighters at work in the area of ​​the storm that hit the region: dozens of people who took refuge on the roofs of houses and trees were rescued during the night, explains the fire brigade. More than one hundred and fifty interventions that have been carried out.

There are 3 missing in Barbara, one of the municipalities most affected by the flood last night in the Marche region. According to what was reconstructed by the mayor Riccardo Pasqualini, the son of the pharmacist Silvia Mereu, Mattia, about 8 years old, is missing; 17 year old Noemi Bartolucci and her mother Brunella Chiu, 56 years old. The other son of the woman, Simone, was saved by attaching himself to a branch of a large plant. Mayor Barbara Riccaro Pasqualini arrived in the bridge area near which the three disappeared were overwhelmed. ‘It was like the collapse of a dam – says the mayor who arrived in the area of ​​the bridge near which the three missing people were overwhelmed – the world came down in an instant. A terrifying thud and then the wave. It was not a flood but a tsunami ‘. The owner of the nearby mill, the mayor said, looked out the window and saw 1.5 meters of water. Responsibilities? “We are trying to resolve the situation, this is not the time – he concludes – we will see later”.

Meanwhile, messages of solidarity arrive from all over Italy. “I got calls from the head of state, Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi“, reports the president of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli.” President Mattarella expressed solidarity with our community and gratitude to all those who are tirelessly working for relief – he adds -. Draghi expressed his closeness reassuring me on the support for every necessary need. The pain for what happened is profound but the Marche community is strong and will know how to react “.

In addition to the casualties, there is currently incalculable damage. The river Misa, in flood due to the violent rains of this night, also broke the stone balustrades of the Garibaldi bridge in the historic center of Senigallia. In the heart of the town of the Marche, the damage caused by debris, branches and mud, dragged by the stream, is visible. Many citizens are working to empty flooded cellars and shops. Witnesses report that they have never seen “such a thing”.

Bad weather in the Marche, in Senigallia the elderly saved with rafting boats

Today bad weather could give a temporary respite but new thunderstorms could hit the areas tomorrow. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, in addition to expressing his “deep condolences for the victims of the flood”, informs that in these hours the situation of the schools is also being verified with the local offices. Firefighters, the Italian Red Cross and volunteers are on the places scourged by the wave of water; Caritas is also in the area to assess the first needs to be met.

Source: Ansa

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