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    Zelensky at the UN: ‘Just punishment for Russian crimes’

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    A “just punishment” against Russian crimes in Ukraine: the Ukrainian president said so Volodymyr Zelensky in his speech in video link with the general meeting of theUN in New York. ‘Ukraine wants peace, the world wants peace, only one wants war and is happy with this war,’ he said, referring to Putin. ‘We didn’t cause this war, there were 88 talks to avoid war, but Russia instead of stopping this crime of aggression has turned it into a full-scale invasion.’ In his speech Zelensky raised his request for a special court against crimes committed by the Russians in your country and for an iindemnification and asked the United Nations to deprive Russia of its right of veto in the Security Council. “We can bring the flag of Ukraine back to the whole territory but we need time, support, weapons, defense systems and even financial support”.
    Applause and standing ovation at the UN, including Prime Minister Mario Draghi, after the video link

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    “Russia shamefully violated the basic principles of the UN charter by invading Ukraine. Putin made” reckless and irresponsible nuclear threats ” he said Joe Biden speaking at the UN general assembly. Putin wants to “annihilate Ukraine’s right to exist,” said the US president. The The US wants the war in Ukraine to end on the basis of just conditions Joe Biden reiterated, stressing that if a country can “pursue imperial ambitions without consequences”, this “puts at risk everything the United Nations is fighting for”. In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Joe Biden has re-launched the need to reform the UN Security Council and the paralyzing system of vetoes, arguing in favor of increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent member countries.

    “A nuclear war can never be won and must not be fought. We don’t want conflict, we don’t want a new cold war,” concluded Joe Biden. “Let me be direct about the competition between the US and China: the US is not looking for conflict or a cold war with China.” The US remains committed to its ‘One China’ policy (which recognizes only one China, ed): Joe Biden said this in speaking at the UN general assembly, after he had threatened to defend Taiwan with the American army in recent days. in the event of an unprecedented attack. The American president said he was against unilateral changes on both sides and reiterated that Washington seeks to promote peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

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    The American president also turned to Iran: ‘The US will not allow Iran to acquire the nuclear weapon. The United States stands by the side of the courageous Iranian women “.

    The second day of the 77th general assembly of the UN is dominated by the interventions of the American president Joe Biden and the Ukrainian one Volodymyr Zelensky (speech recorded in the afternoon, in the evening in Italy), who will respond to the new escalation and new threats of the Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

    But today is also the day by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi who spoke before Biden, who in the midst of protests in his country after the killing of a woman because she wore the veil badly should face the nuclear dossier. The debut of the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who will have a bilateral with Biden, is expected in the evening. At the end of the day, the latter will host the reception of the leaders present at the UN assembly, at the American museum of natural history, where there could also be a brief meeting with Mario Draghi. The Italian premier will instead meet the Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres in the afternoon.

    Source: Ansa

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