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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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    S-Bahn does not indicate free rides: Please give me a 20.20 euro ticket

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    Eight euros and eighty cents, I could have had a warm shower for three minutes in the winter for that nice sum. But from then on they disappeared in the ticket machine of the S-Bahn Berlin – outrageously.

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    I bought the ticket (24-hour ticket, standard tariff) on Thursday morning at the S-Bahn station. Immediately after boarding I grabbed my smartphone, took a look at the news and found out: I could have given myself the money. The wonderful occasion: car-free day! I must have somehow missed it in the usual traffic thicket in the morning. The noble plan: buses and trains were free in the AB fare zone. Or rather, it would have been you. Because there was obviously no longer enough for a sign at the train station, although there was no longer any news of the great shortage of paper. The same is being reported from other corners of the city.

    “Tell me, should we put up signs there? You can drive for free next week.” “Are you crazy? Just don’t, otherwise nobody will buy tickets anymore.” It must have been something like that.

    All machines should probably be reprogrammed in time for the big day, but unfortunately the preparations for the 29-euro ticket got in the way. The main thing is that something comes of it. I will then only pay 20.20 euros, please.

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    Source: Tagesspiegel

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