Found in Viterbo 13 year old disappeared in Anguillara

“We have just been told that Arianna has been found in Viterbo. Waiting for her family to embrace her again, we thank everyone for their help. A praise to the Police Forces who have done their utmost in the search”. This was reported by the mayor of Anguillara Angelo Pizzigallo on Facebook.

A 13-year-old girl, Arianna Tamanti, had disappeared from Anguillara Sabazia, in the province of Rome. “We are in contact with the family and with the Police. We make our page available for any information or report that can help the search”, she says on her facebook account the mayor of the Lazio town Angelo Pizzigallo.

After the family report, the provincial research plan was launched, involving the various departments of the security forces. According to what is learned, the girl would not have brought anything with her, and she would have left her mobile phone at home as well. Voluntary removal is not excluded. The thirteen-year-old wouldn’t have given more news of her since 7pm yesterday.

Source: Ansa

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