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Farewell to Twitter: the rioters have won

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Do you belong to the 83 percent of Germans who ignore Twitter? Then I would like to congratulate you warmly, you have done everything right. Unfortunately, I don’t belong to your club because I’ve been with you since 2009 and today I’m wondering how I’ve endured being there for so long?

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Well, there were times, around 2012, when Twitter was really fun. It was a bit like school: the uncool ones were on Facebook, and the gang that met behind the gym to smoke were on Twitter.

The only cool thing about Twitter today is the button you can use to log out. And not just since the multi-billionaire and apparently stuck in puberty Elon Musk took over the short message service for 44 billion dollars.

Little Elon got a new shovel

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Musk reminds me a bit of the son of rich parents who was given a shovel for the sandbox, with which little Elon now hits the other children in turn on the head because he thinks it’s super funny.

Since the acquisition, Musk has fired almost half the workforce. That’s not so unusual in the tech industry right now, Mark Zuckerberg has also fired thousands of people. But the way Musk does it is reminiscent not of a struggling businessman but of a sun god who believes he is omnipotent.

I don’t like all of this. But not just since Twitter heard Musk. Even before the takeover, I had my problems with the service. For example, with people who just waited for you to tweet something and then immediately jumped at it verbally.

These rioters – and yes, they are mostly men – only want one thing: to provoke, denounce and silence

Hatice Akyun

Sometimes with such outrageous attacks and allegations that one had no choice but to delete the tweet to protect oneself. These people are only concerned with driving a wedge between those who are actually on the right side with their beliefs.

But to be honest, I don’t want to protect myself anymore, I don’t want to communicate like that anymore. These rioters – and yes, they are mostly men – only want one thing: to provoke, denounce and silence.

What this side constantly whines about, namely that it is to be silenced and is a victim of cancel culture because it is no longer allowed to speak its mind, but happily uses it itself against the unwelcome other side.

It’s really ridiculous, or at least a denial of reality, if they don’t even want to notice that they are voicing their opinions everywhere and every day, after which they are no longer allowed to speak their minds. Life has taught me that there are always at least three sides to a story: one side, the other, and the truth.

Luckily, what falls under freedom of expression is decided by the courts in this country. For example, with the Berliner who was sentenced to almost six years in prison yesterday in Frankfurt because he sent death threats to the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz and the left-wing politician Janine Wissler as well as other journalists and public prosecutors. He signed his letters “Heil Hitler” and NSU 2.0.

I know that real life doesn’t happen on social media like Twitter. I just lacked the will to break out of this vicious circle. Until now! It’s high time to go out and have your conversations with people instead of wacky people who think 240 characters can explain everything. Bye, blue bird. We had some nice moments. But now I free myself from your bonds. I’m out.

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