Unicef ​​and Earth Day Italia reward young people’s projects for the environment

The November 22, 2022in connection with the 14 Metropolitan Cities of Italyfrom the Auditorium of the Faculty of Architecture of the uUniversity of Reggio Calabriaa national event titled will take place “Trees: sap of the city”. On this occasion, Unicef ​​Italy and Earth Day Italy will reward the young people who have worked on the conception of innovative projects of Sustainable development in view of CP 27, the United Nations climate conference. The ceremony will be held on the occasion of November 21, the National Tree Day, during which the Carabinieri of Biodiversity and the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security make our cities greener thanks to the recovery of degraded or abandoned urban centres: they plant 5 thousand plants thanks to the commitment of around 1,000 territorial branches of the Arma.

The involvement of young people
To reward the young will be Raul Bova, Ambassador of Earth Day Italy, and Lino Banfi, Ambassador of Unicef ​​Italy. The involvement of young people by the associations began on the occasion of the 52nd World Earth Day in which the initiative was launched Call4Earth in view of Cop Giovani, promoted by the Italian Government. The path involved startuppers and young innovators and high school and university students. The process reached its climax with the meeting with the Unicef ​​Italia initiative which has been organizing for two years Hackathon for the commitment of young people in the fight against climate change.

Last October 100 guys from various Italian regions met virtually to analyze the environmental situation of specific Italian territories with the help of Q-City Platform 4.0 platform created by Iaia Italia. The meeting therefore gave life to 6 territorial intervention projects which, together with the best Start Ups selected by Earth Day Italia, were the subject of a publication in two languages ​​brought to the Cop 27 by mMinistry of the Environment and Energy Security Italian as a good practice for intergenerational dialogue on Climate Change.

This year, in addition to the Ambassadors, there will also be Paolo Rozera, General Manager of Unicef ​​Italy, Chiara Ricci Director of the Sustainability and Climate Change Office of Unicef ​​Italy, Pierluigi Sassi, President of Earth Day Italy. “The impacts of climate change are now with us, but they go far beyond floods, droughts and heat waves. They extend to our own sense of hope. – says Rozera – Especially in Africa, young people see the impact these shocks have on themselves and those they love and this is changing their plans for the future. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We must continue to listen to the anxiety of young people and take immediate action to protect them,” she says. “The difficulties and disappointing results of COP 27 demonstrate once again that the change that humanity needs ever more urgently can only come from below. Young people therefore represent our most concrete hope of getting the better of this dramatic crisis ”, she comments instead Stones.

The awarded projects
1. The students of the Classical high school of the Mandralisca Institute of Cefalù that – guided by the teacher Rosanna Randazzo – receive a special mention for the extraordinary effort spent in the design phase and for the marked sensitivity of the Municipality of Cefalù in involving young people and the whole citizenry on the issues of sustainable development

2. Emanuele Luzzati, Edoardo Simonelli and Soufiane Essakhi, the three young engineers creators of Geviaward-winning startup Call4Earth 2022 which has developed a mini-wind turbine capable of adapting to changing wind conditions, designed for micro-generation of energy and energy self-sufficiency of homes, small sheds and facilities such as telecommunications towers;

3. The creators Bluebiloba the spin-off ofUniversity of Florence which received a special mention for the outstanding environmental value of the project Forest Sharinga platform that aims to unite abandoned or unmanaged forest properties in order to implement their integrated ethical and sustainable management;

4. The creators of the start-up Re-Learnselected by Impatta – the Italian think tank on innovability – who led the session Gov Tech of the prize Call4Earth. Re-Learn has developed intelligent sensors that, when applied to waste bins, can make public and private buildings more efficient in managing waste collection

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