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Kubicki complains: coalition means swallowing toads

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Is he alone with the stance, or is he now speaking for the party? Wolfgang Kubicki, FDP Vice-Chairman and Bundestag Vice-President, is so annoyed by the “constant new demands from Red and Green” that he has already told the “Bild” newspaper that things will not go on like this.

It does not work? If that is the widespread opinion in the party leadership, then it will be tight. Kubicki also wants party leader and finance minister Christian Lindner to be tougher on the coalition partners, that is, against them.

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It’s true: The FDP is already doing a lot, more than it would like – and its supporters, as you can see from the horrific election results. Now also the citizen money.

Or the nuclear issue: the FDP is much closer to the Union opposition than to the traffic light coalition. The fact that nuclear power plants should not continue to run until mid-2024 does not only annoy Kubicki. It’s not all over yet, who knows how winter will turn out, but for the time being the resolutions are against the liberals.

Public finances, on the other hand, are a constant source of irritation

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The fact that no gas should be pumped in the North Sea because Climate and Energy Minister Robert Habeck is against it also turns against the Free Democrats. They can still complain about that.

Public finances, on the other hand, are a constant source of irritation, at least for the representatives of pure doctrine. Finance Minister Lindner can say what he wants, his clientele will find that far too much money is being spent, and no one knows whether it will really be possible in the long run without (huge) new debts.

In view of the boom, double boom and climate money, the debt brake is just a word; although the liberals see themselves in the word. It’s just 2:1 here, meaning: The FDP will always lose when in doubt.

That’s why Kubicki will definitely be pissed off in Lindner’s place. For example, on Saskia Esken, who is demanding a property levy for the SPD. The fact that Esken says she will teach Lindner that taxes would have to be increased in the crisis – that says it all.

Kubicki is particularly angry at SPD co-boss Esken.
© Photo: IMAGO/Chris Emil Janssen

But coalition is to a certain extent a synonym for “swallowing toads”, especially when you are the smallest partner. Kubicki’s reaction is intended to have a strategic effect – internally and externally, in the party and in the coalition – and to implicitly point out that the FDP is after all the partner that secures the majority.

Only it is better not to talk too much, otherwise it will be all the more noticeable how small the partner is kept. This in turn annoys members and voters. Some are shown their limited power, others what their voice is worth.

One last thing: It’s often not possible to talk like that without consequences. Because that’s not an attitude with which one wins, whether in respect or in votes.

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