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Landslide due to bad weather in Casamicciola on the island of Ischia: 13 missing, including a newborn

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The number of people who are currently missing in Casamicciola, on the island of Ischia, rises to 13 after this morning’s landslide caused by bad weather. Among the missing a family made up of a husband, wife and a newborn baby and a 25-year-old who were in two houses overwhelmed by the mud along via Celario.

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Some people were stuck inside the Hotel Terme Manzi in Casamicciola, without electricity. Emergency services are arriving at the scene.

In the images arriving from Casamicciola you can see cars that during the night were transported by rivers of mud and houses overwhelmed or grazed by the large front of the landslide. Some Fire Brigade teams immediately arrived in Casamicciola trying to reach the hitherto isolated places due to the various points of the landslide. Divers and sailors were also on site due to the presence of vehicles at sea. In the morning, a request for help for the building affected by the landslide reached the operations room. Checks are in progress. Earthmoving equipment sent from the headquarters of the fire brigade in Naples.

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Road traffic in Casamicciola is blocked on many roads and relief efforts are struggling to reach the points most affected by the flood, where landslides have overwhelmed some houses whose occupants are currently unknown. As with the 2009 flood, a large mass of water, mud and debris poured into the sea, overwhelming everything in its path; there are dozens of cars dragged by the lava that has found its outlet in piazzale Anna De Felice, named after the girl who lost her life overwhelmed by the mud 13 years ago in that very area. The cars and even some parked minibuses ended up in the sea and the port of Casamicciola is currently closed. The areas most affected by the flood are those of piazza Bagni, piazza Maio and Rarone: here the greatest number of landslides is recorded and given that several houses can only be reached via narrow and impervious streets, the rescuers have not been able to control them for the moment all and ascertain the real extent of damage to people as well as to homes. In Casamicciola the firefighters rescued a man who had been overwhelmed by the mud and was unable to save himself; taken to hospital Rizzoli is fine and should be discharged shortly. All the police forces and the volunteers available on the island have gone to the affected areas of the municipality and are providing relief

This morning, around 5, in Casamicciola Terme, on the island of Ischia, a landslide originated from the upper part of via Celario which reached the seafront in piazza Anna De Felice. The landslide overwhelmed some parked cars dragging them to the sea.

“Dear fellow citizens, due to the adverse weather conditions and the heavy damage that has already occurred in the municipality of Casamicciola Terme, I ask you to stay in your homes and not to move. I will inform you of the evolution of the situation later. Thank you for your collaboration manager”. Enzo Ferrandino, mayor of Ischia writes it on Facebook.

The extraordinary commissioner of Casamicciola Terme and the mayors of the other 5 municipalities of the island of Ischia have issued a collegiate ordinance directed to the citizens with which they ask not to leave their homes so as not to hinder the rescue operations. Almost all of Casamicciola is completely blocked to road traffic, the areas of Piazza Maio, via Celario, piazza Bagni are isolated and invaded by mud and debris.

Bad weather in Ischia, landslide in Casamicciola: four people missing

Source: Ansa

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