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Bad weather in southern Italy, Curcio brings together the crisis unit

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The head of the Civil Defense Fabrizio Curcio has convened a meeting of the Department’s crisis unit to follow the evolution of the bad weather situation which is particularly affecting southern Italy.

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At the moment, writes the Department in a tweet, in Sicily there are reports of “criticalities especially to the road system due to landslides and mudslides” while in Calabria and Puglia there are “flooding, tornadoes and inconveniences”.


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A violent storm hit the Catanzaro area yesterday evening, especially on the Ionian belt, hitting the Lido district of the capital. The heavy rain caused flooding of streets and basements. There were several roads on which the rain dragged stones and mud, creating traffic problems. In the locality of Martelletto the Fallachello river is overflowed. The firefighters, the local police and municipal staff are operating on the spot. In Cicala, the bad weather caused damage to the purifier and the supply pipe to the springs. In some municipalities of the Lametino area, on the Tyrrhenian coast, such as Pianopoli, San Pietro a Maida and Jacurso, some torrents reached their maximum threshold due to the rain, but there would have been no floods.


A trumpet struck in the early hours of the morning on the territory of the province of Crotone causing serious damage to Isola Capo Rizzuto and the archaeological area of ​​Capocolonna. The most affected area was that of the municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto between the localities from Marinella to Capo Rizzuto. Roofs of houses uncovered, cars dragged away for hundreds of meters. An old electricity pylon hit a house in Le Cannella, breaking through the roof and ending up in the bathroom of the house: the family was miraculously saved. Many homes are also without electricity due to electric cables broken by the wind. The mayor of the Municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto, Maria Grazia Vittimberga, immediately summoned the Municipal Operations Center. There are dozens of homes that have been independently displaced by residents for security reasons. “Our territory is on its knees – says the mayor Maria Grazia Vittimberga -: roofs uncovered, houses and cars destroyed, families evacuated. We urgently ask for the intervention of the Calabria Region and the Civil Protection Department for an estimate of the damages and a planning interventions to be implemented immediately. In the meantime we are preparing the declaration of a state of calamity. In the meantime, we reaffirm our closeness to all the families affected and repeat that we are available for any form of help. We are already in contact with the hotel facilities to ask for availability to host evacuated families”. In Crotone, the whirlwind hit the southern area of ​​the coast between the Capocolonna promontory and Alfieri. Huge damage to several farms with sheds and greenhouses torn down by the fury of the wind. Literally swept away the little house of the Martin Pescatore Oasis of the Ibis club, an environmental education center built in a structure confiscated from organized crime in Capocolonna. However, no damage was reported to the museum and the Doric column of the temple of Hera Lacinia.

Source: Ansa

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