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    Elections in Kharkiv: How Dobkin and Terekhov Arranged Skirmishes Without Choosing Expressions

    Igor Terekhov and Mikhail Dobkin are the leaders of electoral sympathies in Kharkiv in all polls

    Two main rivals in the upcoming elections of the mayor of Kharkov / Collage “Today”

    According to the results opinion polls, in the upcoming elections of the mayor of Kharkiv, two candidates are confidently leading: Igor Terekhov, temporarily acting as the Kharkiv mayor, who ran from the party “Kernes’s Bloc – Successful Kharkiv”, and the leader of the NGO “Our House – Kharkiv” self-promoter Mikhail Dobkin.

    How political rivals speak about each other – the site “Segodnya” has collected the most striking quotes.

    Not a politician, but a puppet

    Mikhail Dobkin disparages his main competitor. In an interview for the YouTube channel Klymenko Time, the politician claims that Terekhov is not an independent player, but someone controls him:

    “I do not follow Terekhov. He is by and large uninteresting to me. He is a little gray, a little pale, a little grayish – he is faceless. I follow those who run him. These are more serious people with their own character, with their own charisma. And these people put Terekhov on their hand, like Petrushka, and from such a puppet theater, from behind a screen, they control him and the processes taking place in Kharkov, “Dobkin commented.

    Too sociable during a pandemic

    Dobkin actively criticizes Terekhov for his social impulses. The interim head of Kharkiv often organizes mass events and grand openings as part of the election campaign, despite the quarantine restrictions:

    “On the 23-24, a huge festival will be held in Kharkiv under the auspices of the acting city head, to which teachers, parents and children of senior classes are taken according to the order of the city education department. In order to show how the people rejoice at the holiday of the person they want to elect . It’s even hard for me to imagine what the price of this holiday is, ”Mikhail Markovich was indignant in the recent broadcast of the program“ The People Against Z Natasha Vlashchenko ”.

    An interesting observation: Dobkin almost always tries to appeal to his competitor, mentioning only his position. The politician deliberately avoids the name of Terekhov in his speeches.

    The mystery of Kernes’ death

    During the stay of the late Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes in the Charite clinic, someone from the circle of the mayor obtained his electronic signature. Then, thanks to this signature, people were nominated for positions on his behalf. Dobkin made such a loud statement on the air of the Hard with Vlaschenko program:

    “I will find papers and find out their nature of origin, according to which people were nominated on his behalf for specific positions in his absence. And then we will consider this ball in full. Why is it not unrolled today? It’s simple. For a long time, the police in the Kharkiv region have been working for that. to hide it, because one of the participants in all these actions was directly at that time the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. He and his closest team. The police released everything on the brakes … The prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region did everything to ensure that these documents continue investigated, but since it was the responsibility of the police, nobody in the police did anything. “

    Here the politician hints that Terekhov allegedly became the secretary of the City Council thanks to this scheme. Recall that he was appointed to this position on December 9 last year. Gennady Adolfovich died on December 17.

    Great quotes

    Igor Terekhov, in turn, says that he does not see opponents for himself, and Dobkina calls him “a letter forgotten in the mail”:

    “Mikhail Markovich Dobkin? Do you know how Gennady Adolfovich spoke?” A letter forgotten in the mail. Time has passed. “Therefore, we will not talk about it anymore,” Igor Terekhov said in the TV program “Ukraine with Tigran Martirosyan” on the “Ukraine 24” TV channel.

    Terekhov denies criticism of the enemy in the election race in his answers:

    “I don’t criticize anyone at all. Have you heard that I ever criticized Dobkin? Ask him why Kernes did not let him on the threshold. Ask during the broadcast and let him answer.”

    How the elite did not take place

    Igor Terekhov is laconic when talking about Mikhail Dobkin. He says that at one time he managed to get high posts thanks to his friendship with Kernes:

    “I do not consider Dobkin the elite of Kharkov … Being in power and being the elite are a little different things. He was appointed – he became the elite. He won the elections because he was Gennady Adolfovich. Otherwise he would never have won them. And this is us. We understand everything perfectly. And whether he took place as an elite or not – in my opinion, no, “- this is how Terekhov answered the question of journalist Sonya Koshkina.

    Recall that from March 2006 to March 2010, Dobkin was the mayor of Kharkov. When Gennady Kernes received the mayor’s chair, Dobkin took over as head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

    In any case, the mayoral elections in Kharkov on October 31, that is, this Sunday, will show whose speeches were more convincing for voters.



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