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    Leshchenko complained about “bad” journalists

    Barchuk called Leshchenko “information killer”

    People’s Deputy asks to deal with the situation / Photo: Collage: Today

    Former People’s Deputy Sergei Leshchenko on his Facebook page appealed to the chairman of the supervisory board of “Suspilna” Svetlana Ostapa because of the scandal with journalist Miroslava Barchuk.

    In his address, he said that on October 23, Miroslava Barchuk on the air of the Espreso TV channel called him a “bastard” and an “information killer”.

    “I ask you to take disciplinary action against the TV presenter,” Leshchenko wrote in a letter.

    According to him, he sent a similar appeal to the Commission of Journalistic Ethics.

    In addition, he asked to check all the facts he presented for compliance with Barchuk’s moral principles, journalistic ethics and principles of political impartiality, to assess what had happened, and also “to take disciplinary measures against the TV presenter.”

    At the same time, Miroslava Barchuk said that she was very surprised at how the President’s Office decides to send or not send MPs from Servant of the People on the air.

    On her Facebook page, she posted a screen of the correspondence between the editor of the talk show “Countdown” and the press service of the “Servants of the People”, she was redirected to the “man from the Office.”

    “Shadow people in the corridors of the OP or AP have always been and are a sign of opacity and bad intentions of the authorities. If people without a certain position in the President’s Office contact the editorial offices and TV channels, and journalists are attacked by anonymous telegram channels and” independent “bloggers close to the OP – this is a marker.

    The essence of the scandal

    The host of the “Countdown” talk show on the “UA: First” TV channel Miroslava Barchuk said on the air that the OP “has long and tightly controlled the presence of MPs from the” Servant of the People “faction on the air.

    She also gave some examples of requests from the OP for the presence of guests on the air of her program. When the TV channel did not fulfill the ultimatums, according to the journalist, the representatives of the Servant of the People did not come on the air.

    According to her, such behavior of the OP poses a threat to freedom of speech and independent journalism in general, so these “signals” should not be missed. In addition, on the air, she called Sergei Leshchenko a “scoundrel” and “information killer”.

    Soon her colleague Pavel Kazarin said that the “former journalist” Sergei Leshchenko is now defending the authorities and the ruling party from the media.

    At the same time, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, Mikhail Podolyak, denied Barchuk’s statement about Bankova’s pressure on the people’s deputies and attempts to influence the channel’s editorial policy.



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