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US allies in Asia are (already) preparing for war on China

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In recent weeks, the geostrategic landscape in Asia has become tense, the allies of the United States in the region judging that the confrontation between Beijing and Washington is more inevitable every day and that they must prepare for it.

• The spectacular rearmament of Japan

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The most dramatic change is taking place in Japan. The multiple Russian-Chinese air operations carried out in 2022 over the Sea of ​​Japan have created a shock in the opinion and the political class of the country. So on December 16, 2022, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the doubling of his country’s military spending in five years and the purchase of hundreds of long-range cruise missiles from the United States.

In other words, although its Constitution remains pacifist, Tokyo is radically changing its military doctrine, officially abandoning its strictly defensive posture to adopt a response capability, including on missile launch sites installed in China. “The world is at a historic crossroads”explained the head of the Japanese government, who i

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Source : Nouvelobs

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