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Tunisia, the first Arab democracy, is now on the verge of bankruptcy

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Tunisia for all eternity? “A particular geography, a wide opening onto an emblematic sea, an urbanity inscribed on its soil for millennia, an unprecedented mixture of populations and cultures, the centuries-old existence of a State, this is what would have contributed to giving this country its particular configuration”, writes Sophie Bessis in her fascinating “History of Tunisia, from Carthage to the present day” (Tallandier). Thus the country takes great pride in having been the first Muslim country to establish equality between men and women, and in being the first Arab democracy. Even his “jasmine revolution” took place without blood being shed, or almost. Alas, twelve years after the fall of dictator Ben Ali, there is not much left of this Tunisian exception…

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“The people want what you don’t want. Down with Saied.

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Source : Nouvelobs

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