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The pavilions of my youth no longer resemble each other

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Since we have been running with applications that imperturbably trace our tracks, geoglyphs, these drawings only visible from the sky and which form, alongside megaliths, one of the most fascinating works of art of ancient civilizations, have once again become a practice current art. I gave in to fashion by drawing a dinosaur whose backbone was the Champs-Elysées and by running a marathon which formed, from Porte Maillot to Belleville, from Gobelins to Batignolles, a faithful map of France.

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But I am not a figurative runner. What I really like is descending into the bottomless pit of suburban housing estates, going there to find the last frontiers of the city, or the original scribbling.

That’s where I come from: from the world of pavilions, and especially from what have been called “new towns”, with their

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