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Bad weather in Italy, temperatures plummeting

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Snow, rain and frost in Italy. Yellow alert for bad weather today in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Molise, Puglia and Umbria.

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CAMPANIA – The continuation of adverse weather conditions, which led to the issuing of a yellow alert, it will involve yet another day away from homes for the 400 citizens of Casamicciola who live in areas at hydrogeological risk. In practice, their evacuation began on Tuesday and with the succession of weather alerts they have not yet been able to return home; for tomorrow the Casamicciolese prefectural commissioner Simonetta Calcaterra has issued a new ordinance which, as a result of the alert, provides that until midnight tomorrow evening the inhabitants of the houses that fall within the defined areas A4 and D according to the mapping carried out after the November flood they will have to stay in hotels or in independent accommodation. For the inhabitants of the lower risk areas, B and C, the indications are to avoid travelling, not to park along the streets and avoid stopping in basements or ground floor rooms.

SICILY- After more than 40 hours, the maritime connections with almost all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago, interrupted due to bad weather, have resumed. At the moment the only one to be isolated is the small fraction of Ginostra, on the island of Stromboli. A line vehicle has not landed in the village since last Monday. The improvement in weather conditions gives hope that it can be reached in the next few hours. The first vehicle to reach the islands was a hydrofoil, which departed from Milazzo at 7 am.

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EMILIA ROMAGNA– Local police, municipal civil protection and Geat (environmental and territorial services management) are at work in Riccione to deal with the damage caused by strong gusts of wind and rain. However, the Municipality makes it known that no particular criticalities have been found. Already from the early hours of the morning the local police intervened to secure Viale Saluzzo where a tree fell on the road. Even in the parking lot in front of the station, a large pine tree fell in the garden of a private house, causing no damage to people. Another pine tree fell on the skating rink in viale Milano. In viale Orazio, a part of the tree fell on a vehicle belonging to a social cooperative which was cleaning up: also in this case no injuries were found. In viale Dante, on the port, the wind has overturned the writing “Riccione”, which will be restored tomorrow. In several construction sites, the strong wind also overturned the fences. Same situation on the beach where the storm has torn up some barriers that protect the establishments in winter. Geat is working to clear the streets of some downed trees and branches. In the coming days, however, Hera will intervene on the main traffic arteries to immediately free them from pine needles. Also in Rimini, branches and trees have been uprooted by the wind, some falling onto the cables of the power lines: around 74 interventions by the fire brigade have been carried out so far, in addition to 14 interventions still to be carried out, around twenty those by the local police and 7 those of the Civil Protection volunteer teams. The interventions are mainly concentrated in the Covignano area. During the night, between 3 and 4, the gusts of wind reached peaks of 90-100 km/h with average values ​​around 60-70 km/h.

LOMBARDY- The latest bulletin from the regional nivometeo center of Arpa Lombardia, based in Bormio, warns that off-piste skiing is absolutely to be avoided due to the risk of avalanches. The danger index is 3 on a European scale of five rungs. “It will be necessary to pay attention to the numerous fragile wind slabs of old and recent formation – the experts explain – both soft and compact, which can be located above all in morphological depressions, basins, gullies and leeward depressions” because “they could be triggered already with a low overload. of cohesive and hard slabs, the propagation of the fracture could be fast, going to affect extended areas. On the more shady slopes, where the triggering could involve deeper layers in the old snow, the avalanches could be larger. natural avalanches of surface slabs”. The minimum temperatures in the Alpi Retiche and Alpi Orobie mountains could be between -15 and -25. Possible night frosts also on the valley bottom roads of Valtellina and Valchiavenna.

TUSCANY – Still bad weather in Tuscany, where rain is expected in the plains and snow on the hills and mountains from today’s afternoon, Sunday 22 January. In particular, from today’s afternoon, Sunday, until tomorrow’s early afternoon, Monday 23 January, there will be scattered snowfalls of weak or moderate intensity on the hilly reliefs (over 400 metres), more insistent on the Apennine areas. The operations room of the regional civil protection has therefore issued a yellow code for snow, valid until 3 pm tomorrow: the eastern Apennine side and the south-east of the region are especially interested. The provinces involved are Arezzo, Florence, Pistoia, Prato, Grosseto and Siena.

Source: Ansa

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