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Italy under the snow, alert in 9 regions. Traffic disruptions

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Yellow alert for bad weather today in Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Molise, Puglia and Umbria. Rain, cold and snow: bad weather won’t let go in Italy in the week that has just begun. In fact, cold air currents are arriving from Northern Europe “and this will still lead to possible snow surprises in many of our regions”. The forecasts are by Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site ‘iLMeteo.it’.

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LOMBARDY – The latest bulletin warns that off-piste skiing is absolutely to be avoided due to the risk of avalanches. The danger index is 3 on a European scale of five. The minimum temperatures in the Alpi Retiche and Alpi Orobie mountains could be between -15 and -25. Possible night frosts also on the valley bottom roads of Valtellina and Valchiavenna.

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VENETO – The avalanche danger in the Veneto Dolomites is graded ‘3’, marked on a scale up to ‘5’. The strong wind from the North-East continues to determine a significant redistribution of the snow that fell last week and above the treeline there are widespread snowdrift deposits in all aspects.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – The Bora is lashing the city of Trieste with particular force, recording gusts of up to just over 120 kilometers per hour. Not only Bora but also “dark Bora”, that is accompanied at times by rain, particularly violent. Fifteen interventions by the firefighters. In some areas of the Carso and in the upper areas of Trieste, the snow has returned to fall.

EMILIA ROMAGNA– It’s snowing in Bologna: snow plows on the hills from 6 in the morning. In some municipalities in the Rimini hinterland, schools will remain closed. Two young people were rescued from the flood of a stream around 2, in the province of Rimini. The wave swept over the small car they were traveling in and they saved themselves by going out the windows. The firefighters found them on the side of the car clinging to a tree so as not to be dragged away by the current. Snow up to two meters in the Municipalities of Valmarecchia, in the province of Rimini: many calls to the fire brigade for families left isolated due to the impossibility of leaving the house.

ABRUZZO – Even today, similarly to Saturday, schools closed in L’Aquila. The invitation of the Municipality is to get in the car “only if strictly necessary”.

MOLISE – In the night new snowfalls on Molise. The rains have caused some discomfort, but the situation has improved. The mayors of a dozen small towns (including Casacalenda, Riccia, Trivento, Ripalimosani, Montorio, Oratino and Cercemaggiore) have decided to keep the schools closed. Instead, we return to class in Campobasso.

LAZIO – Even in Rieti, due to the snow, schools of all levels will remain closed today.

TUSCANY -The snow in the Arezzo area, even in the capital, has caused some discomfort in the hilly areas such as on the mouth of the Scopetone to climb towards the Alpe di Poti. State road 73 closed at Tortino where the snow made traffic difficult. Motorists were stranded for a few hours. Heavy situation in Casentino and Valtiberina where the means of the Province are in action to clean up the Apennine passes towards Romagna and Marche and the roads. Most schools closed. In Sansepolcro, the E45 highway was closed at times, then it became passable again but only with chains or snow tires fitted. All the provincial roads are open except the overview of Pratomagno and the Mandrioli pass on the Romagna side. Snowfalls are also reported in Garfagnana, in the province of Lucca.

UMBRIA – Schools closed in various municipalities in Umbria following the snowfall that affected much of the region. According to what has been learned so far, the lessons are not held in Norcia and Cascia but also in Gualdo Tadino, Nocera Umbra, Spoleto, Scheggino, Sant’Anatolia, Vallo di Nera and Ferentillo. However, several institutions in various centers are facilitating early school leaving. Meanwhile, some of the steepest roads or those where the accumulation of snow is greatest are being closed in Perugia.

BRANDS – Heavy rains, wind and rough seas in the Marche. In inland areas there are abundant snowfalls. In Senigallia the Misa reached 3 meters. The Municipality, for the next few hours, invites you to stay at home and go to the upper floors. Five heavy vehicles crossed the road due to the snowfall in the Fabriano area. “The situation is still critical, but under control. The level of the Foglia river is high, but fortunately the very intense weather events are decreasing”. The mayor of Pesaro Matteo Ricci communicates it

CAMPANIA – The continuation of adverse weather conditions, which led to the issuing of a yellow alert, will mean yet another day away from homes for the 400 citizens of Casamicciola who live in areas at hydrogeological risk. The evacuation for them practically started on Tuesday.

BASILICATA – Schools of all levels will also remain closed in Potenza, while the activity of nursery schools and the University will be regular. Last Saturday, nursery schools and universities were also closed, again due to the snow.

PUGLIA – The snow has returned to fall on the highest peaks of the province of Foggia. Schools closed in Monteleone, a town with the highest altitude in Puglia, and in Faeto.

CALABRIA – State road 18 temporarily closed due to falling rocks near the Coreca tunnel, in the municipality of Amantea. In Acquaformosa, in the Cosentino area, schools are closed “due to adverse weather conditions and probable frosts”.

SICILY – After more than 40 hours, maritime connections with almost all the islands of the Aeolian archipelago have resumed. At the moment the only one to be isolated is the small fraction of Ginostra, on the island of Stromboli. A line vehicle has not landed in the village since last Monday.

SARDINIA – Brief respite from bad weather today: rainfall is expected, including snow at high altitudes, from tomorrow evening. The island will remain in the grip of frost at least until Thursday. But the strong mistral wind will also return over the weekend, with possible storm surges on the western coasts. In Illorai station, at an altitude of 500 meters, a record temperature of minus 10.1 degrees was recorded.


Tuesday 24.
In the north: sometimes unstable in western Piedmont with snowfalls at hilly altitudes, also possible in Friuli.
In the centre: rainfall in lower Lazio and eastern Sardinia, here with snow at 800-900 metres.
In the South: always rather unstable in Sicily; sun elsewhere.

Wednesday 25.
In the north: a little unstable in the northwest, sunny elsewhere.
In the Centre: widespread instability on the Adriatic coast and in Sardinia.
In the south: bad weather in Puglia, Calabria and Ionian Sicily.

Source: Ansa

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