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Seven years without Giulio Regeni. Crosetto: ‘Egypt will collaborate’

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Egypt could finally offer full cooperation to shed light on the death of Giulio Regeni. Seven years after the kidnapping of the 28-year-old Friulian, which took place in Cairo on 25 January 2016, yet another glimmer of hope is opening in the story of the tortured and killed young researcher. Al-Sisi himself guaranteed that his country “will do everything to eliminate the obstacles that exist and which make dialogue with Italy difficult”, reports Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, speaking of his meeting with the president Egyptian last weekend, but warns: “I have listened and we will see if words will be followed by deeds”. Dialogue could be favored by the delicate situation in North Africa at the moment, with the tumults of dissent starting from the economic crisis in Tunisia, and Egypt, which hopes it will be difficult to maintain the balance in the neighboring Maghreb. “I think we will have the truth about the Regeni case, I think there is Egypt’s will to cooperate 100% with Italy, because there is a need for the two nations to talk to each other and cooperate also for the security and balance of the North Africa. They all have an interest and willingness to give us clear and serious answers as quickly as possible”, explains the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, for whom “the State must ask for the whole truth and demand justice for Regeni, and at the same time it must maintain relations with other countries. The two things are perfectly reconcilable”. During the last meeting with Tajani, it was al-Sisi himself who raised the ‘Regeni problem’. The head of the Farnesina, who will answer the question time in Parliament in the next few hours on the case of Giulio, guarantees that there will be “no hesitation” and work continues “so that those guilty of the murder are convicted. But – he adds – we need to talk with Egypt also on other issues because we have a duty to guarantee the stability of North Africa and Libya”.

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A silent torchlight vigil in the square of stream (Udine) will recall Wednesday evening Giulio Regeni, exactly seven years after his disappearance from Cairo. The initiative is promoted, among others, by the municipal administration of Fiumicello-Villa Vicentina together with the Regeni family to reiterate the request for truth and justice for the young researcher, tortured and killed in Egypt.

In Fiumicello, Regeni’s town of origin, the program of initiatives will already start in the morning, with the “Words and Rights” workshop for schools and the signing of a memorandum of understanding on the Permanent Coordination Committee of the Youth Government, an initiative of civic education of which Giulio was also mayor.

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In the afternoon, at 6 pm, the Walk of Rights will take place together with the Youth Government; the silent torchlight procession will follow.

at 19.41now in which 7 years ago Giulio sent his last text messageSara observed a minute of silence. At 20.15 the appointment will be in the Bison room, with the initiative “Words, images, music for Giulio” with Paola and Claudio Regeni and the lawyer Alessandra Ballerini. Among the announced guests, Pif, Carlo Lucarelli, Ascanio Celestini, Beppe Giulietti and Roberto Fico.

Tajani: ‘We insist on clarity, collaboration from Egypt’

The last January 15 Giulio Regeni would have turned 35 years old. Giulio’s mother, Paola Deffendi, posted on her social profiles to remember her son, the drawing of a multi-layered “non-birthday” cake, with the writing “Giulio 35” on top and immediately below the request for “Giustizia ” is truth”. The cake is tinted yellowthe color that accompanies the battle for the request for truth and justice for the young researcher from Friuli, tortured and killed in Egypt seven years ago. On Twitter, the drawing was accompanied by the hashtags #veritaegiustiziapergiulioregeni and #setteannisenzagiulio.

On her birthday also the president of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola wrote a message on Twitter: “Giulio Regeni would have turned 35. Seven years ago, while studying in Egypt, he was kidnapped and killed. The European Parliament will not stop until the whole truth emerges, and until justice is done” .

Source: Ansa

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