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Cospito in the Opera prison. Nordio: ‘I don’t consider revoking the 41 bis’

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Alfred Cospito he was transferred to the Opera prison in Milan: in Sassari he risked his life after the more than 40 kg lost due to the hunger strike and the constantly worsening conditions.

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“The protection of the health of every prisoner is an absolute priority”, justified the transfer the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio. But the man remains at 41 bis: in the communiqué released after the council of ministers which addressed the subject, it is explained that “for the part of his competence”, Minister Nordio “does not consider revoking the regime referred to in article 41 bis”.

The health aspect, is the message, does not undermine the government’s line of firmness. “The state is not intimidated by those who think they are threatening its officials,” reiterated Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. A position – the one on hard prison – reaffirmed in the evening also at the end of the Council of Ministers, where the point was taken on the matter. The request to revise the measure, advanced by Cospito’s lawyer to the Keeper of Justices, therefore seems destined not to be accepted, while we have to wait until March 7 for the examination of the Cassation on the appeal presented by the same lawyer. Meanwhile, the anarchist offensive did not stop: during the night in Milan two local police cars were set on fire with Molotov cocktails, while in Rome the same fate befell five TIM cars.

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No retreat, therefore, from the center-right executive in the face of the escalation of attacks from the galaxy with the circled A. But a prisoner who died in prison would be difficult for the Government to digest. In particular for Nordio, who has always professed to be the guarantor. The path followed is therefore that of clearly separating the judicial aspect from the medical one, trying to keep the bar straight with the state under attack. A delicate game, where it’s easy to make a mistake. All the more so after Cospito reiterated his refusal to force feed. The premier therefore wanted to hear the information from the ministers concerned at Palazzo Chigi: in addition to Nordio, Matteo Piantedosi and Antonio Tajani. The latter reported on the increase in the measures to protect diplomatic posts after the episodes in Athens, Berlin and Barcelona. The owner of the Interior reported on the anarchist threat which in the last month has expressed itself in dozens and dozens of attacks. In Italy and abroad.

Around the figure of Cospito the world linked to the informal anarchist federation has coagulated with its consolidated ties with militants from countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Chile. But there is also the welding of different souls of antagonism. It is a threat “that we do not underestimate”, Piantedosi said. The Anti-Terrorism Strategic Analysis Committee will meet at the Viminale on Thursday to examine the situation. The police forces and 007 have warned of the risk of a leap in quality of the actions – at the moment mostly of a demonstrative nature – in parallel with the prison story of the prisoner. It must therefore be monitored very carefully. As Nordio is well aware, who clarified how the transfer from Sassari to Opera in the pavilion of the intensified assistance service was arranged by the Dap “on the express indication of the doctors”, so that it is housed “in a more suitable detention facility to guarantee all possible interventions necessary sanitation”. However, changing institutions does not eliminate the risks. In fact, the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini stated that his client “will not accept food supplies and will certainly continue his hunger strike”.

However, Cospito has already been examined by the doctors of the Milanese prison, who found him calm. And, at the moment, they have judged his health conditions not incompatible with the prison regime to which he is subjected. In the meantime, many from the opposition have asked for a review of the sentence, contesting the government’s hard line.

For the senator of the Pd, Carlo Cottarelli, removing 41 bis is not “giving in to blackmail, which is always wrong, but acknowledging a mistake”. Your party comrade and former Justice Minister, Andrew Orlandonotes that if Cospito died in prison he would become a martyr, strengthening the anarchists.

According to the Senator Ilaria Cucchi (Ivs) Cospito “is not a mafia boss and has not killed anyone. Forcing him to life imprisonment under the 41 bis regime was a clear forcing and a colossal mistake”. The Guarantor of the prisoners, Mauro Palma, for his part, invites us to ask ourselves whether for the anarchist “the 41 bis is needed or if, for example, a censorship with respect to any writings or forms of communication cannot be enough”. On the majority front, the threats reported with a tweet by the FdI deputy, Chiara Colosimo, who published a message received from an alleged anarchist, should be recorded. “Be careful when you talk about Cospito – reads the screenshot -, ugly useless fascist”. Solidarity from the exponents of the centre-right.

Source: Ansa

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