Why is it so hard to get out of bed right now?

But why is it so hard to get out of bed right now, even after a good night’s sleep, and when we’ve always been genuine early risers? Why do we approach the day with a scowl, morale in the socks, with the desire for nothing, except to send everyone to hell? And this constant fatigue, these bouts of slack that make you cancel dinners and outings, even to have a beer with your colleagues. Besides, let’s be frank, you don’t see them too much anymore. You’ve been isolating yourself in the protective box of teleworking for weeks…

Yes, all that is painful, but rest assured, quite banal, in most cases temporary, and above all not so serious. There are millions of us suffering, to varying degrees, from this kind of temporary depression to which scientists have even given a name: SAD, for “Seasonal Affective Disorder”also called the winter depression.

The symptoms of this sudden illness which would appear after the holidays, and would most often disappear on its own on sunny days are known: gloom, irritability, concentration problems, phases of anxiety, sometimes accompanied by a sudden craving for chocolate. deleterious, which after a boost, will inevitably stick you with a well-known sugar-post-shot-blues.

First cause identified: lack of light. Half of the population would be sensitive to it, 5% in a severe form. Thus in Siberia, in these regions close to the polar circle where the inhabitants are immersed for months in a pale light, with very short days, and temperatures which regularly prohibit any outing, children are subjected to regular light therapy sessions. From kindergarten, they are exposed to screens with a high light intensity, almost 10 times higher than that of a desk lamp, in order to maintain a supply of vitamin D, the famous “sunshine vitamin”.

Light therapy is fashionable, several brands of ” welfare “ have also engulfed themselves in the niche. With unproven effectiveness, sometimes even some side effects.

So before thinking about equipping yourself, a little common sense. Specialized magazines are full of advice. Eat healthier, force yourself to go out, move, play sports, in short, nothing very new under the – lack of – sun. Or just wait for it to pass. The tunnel exit is near.

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