Between China and the United States, a cold war in small touches

A week in the life of the latent Sino-American confrontation gives the measure of what must be called, with all the reservations of historical analogies, a new cold war. And the key word of this time is the containmentcontainment, that is to say a bundle of isolated measures which, placed end to end, form an authentic sanitary cordon around the country whose will to power is hoped to be curbed.

In this category of containment, the United States signed an agreement on February 2 with the Philippines allowing the American army to access four additional bases in the archipelago located in the China Sea. It is not so much a question of stationing men there as of prepositioning equipment, storing ammunition, just in case… With, in mind, the situation in Taiwan, while the Philippines is in conflict with Beijing over of the delimitation of the South China Sea.

Just before this agreement, the secret

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