He killed his partner in Cuneo, sentenced to 15 years

Rossano Rubicondi (ANSA) died

(ANSA) – CUNEO, OCTOBER 29 – Francesco Borgheresi, a 42-year-old former corporal major of the Alpine troops who shot his partner in the parking lot of a shopping center in Cuneo on 22 May 2020, was sentenced to 15 years and two months for voluntary homicide and the carrying of arms.

Judge Cristina Gaveglio’s sentence arrived this afternoon after an hour in the council chamber. The trial was carried out with an abbreviated procedure, which provides for a reduction of one third of the sentence. The Prosecutor of Cuneo had asked for a sentence of 27 years, or 18 with the penalty discount. A forecast compensation of 70 thousand euros was also requested from the two sisters of the victim, assisted by the lawyer Alberto Crosetto: “The sentence was too little severe” he commented outside the court.

“A part of the truth has been recognized. We await the reasons, we will make the appeal”, comments instead the lawyer Beatrice Rinaudo, who defends Borgheresi, present in the courtroom.

The accused lived until the age of twenty in the ‘Il Forteto’ community of Vicchio (Florence), son of a couple of founding members. Some members of that community, including the putative mother of the former Alpine, were sentenced years ago for violence and mistreatment. Borgheresi was part of an association of victims of the community and in this capacity he had also met Pope Francis. (HANDLE).


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