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Health: demonstration in Gioia Tauro, “looted sector”

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(ANSA) – GIOIA TAURO, OCTOBER 30 – Hundreds of citizens, mayors, dock workers, health workers, pensioners and representatives of trade unions and associations, together with the bishop of Oppido Mamertina-Palmi, Msgr. Francesco Milito, are participating in a demonstration in Gioia Tauro organized by the Association of Mayors of the Plain to ask for the problems of public health to be resolved “making it adequate – it has been argued – to the needs of citizens”.

“The health sector – said the mayor of Gioia Tauro, Aldo Alessio – over the years has been plundered and destroyed, with entire hospitals and wards closed. There are no adequate services to safeguard the lives of the citizens of the Piana di Gioia Tauro, who live in a constant state of danger.

This is why we are here today: we strongly demand that citizens’ rights be respected. From today the massive reaction of a large and authoritative movement starts. The state must listen to us “. (ANSA).

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