Maxi rave party, thousands of young people on the outskirts of Turin

No Green pass as lager prisoners, shock protest in Novara (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TURIN, OCTOBER 31 – Rave party near Turin.

Thousands of young people who since last night, responding to the call launched by the organizers on Telegram, have reached the abandoned industrial area between Borgaretto and Nichelino. People and vehicles that have caused not a few inconveniences to traffic, forcing the carabinieri, who also intervened with patrols from the neighboring provinces, to block the roads in the area.

The rave is still ongoing. The timely intervention of the carabinieri, in collaboration with the other police forces, prevented the arrival of at least another 10 thousand people. In fact, there are many who have left after the identification of the points of the rave, organized via Telegram, convinced to leave the immediate and massive deployment of law enforcement agencies.

The new prefect of Turin, Raffaele Ruberto, was also on site.



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