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Bad weather: flooded roads in Syracuse, isolated Augusta

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(ANSA) – SYRACUSE, OCTOBER 29 – Flooding and interrupted roads throughout the province of Syracuse due to the bad weather that has been raging since last night. The rain falls intensely throughout the territory and the forecasts are worsening.

The invitation of the Prefecture is to limit travel to and from workplaces as much as possible. This morning maximum state of alert. Augusta is isolated, because the city entrances are blocked due to incoming and outgoing flooding and it is not possible to intervene at the moment with the dewatering pumps. In order to access the city it is necessary to use alternative roads.

Also in Augusta most of the streets in the center are impassable, such as the Granatello promenade. The Porcaria stream in the Brucoli area is flooded.

A basement of the Avola hospital has flooded and volunteers from the Misericordia di Avola are working on the spot with a dewatering pump to empty the water.

The highway to Catania is interrupted at the Cava Sorciaro junction in both directions and therefore compulsory exit at the Melilli junction for those who proceed from Catania to Syracuse or the Priolo sud exit for those who go to Catania from Syracuse.

Provincial roads in crisis: some provincial roads interrupted such as 36, Solarino-Priolo, with boulders on the carriageway for a rocky ridge that has yielded and flooding, provincial 90 and provincial 5 in the mountain area, or provincial 14 in the direction of Canicattini where there is a fallen tree in the street.

Also in Syracuse several roads are blocked due to flooding: via Ermocrate, the Targia (north entrance to the city), and in the Pantanelli area. And the wind, which blows in gusts from 64 kilometers per hour, has brought several large branches to the road.


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