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“A bear on the balcony”, fear for a couple in Frosinone

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Cop26, Greta Thunberg:

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 01 – A bear on the balcony. It is the surprise, not exactly welcome, for two spouses from Pescosolido, in the Frosinone area, who have not spent a very quiet night.

Their misadventure, after the intervention of the carabinieri, they told on social media.

“My husband and I had a close encounter with the bear. A vis à vis less than a meter away, the railing of the terrace separated us. Hearing noises coming from the terrace of the bedroom on the first, unwary, unconscious thinking about some malicious person, we went out with the cell phone lights, I practically screamed in the bear’s face: who is there and in response the bear snarled in my face trying to reach me with a paw – writes Annalisa Castagna- in the faint light of the mobile phone I managed to count all the teeth in his mouth plus the red tongue, with a jump back I went back through the French window at a distance of 4 meters, my husband who was in the corner to my right seeing himself being hunted since in the meantime the bear had climbed over, he was forced to throw himself down “. A fall, says the woman, which fortunately caused minor damage. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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