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How to get rid of ants in the garden: a trouble-free spring method.

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Ants are certainly useful insects, but if they do not operate in the garden. They have to protect their crops. And the best season to prevent their appearance is the earliest spring.

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GLOBAL HAPPENINGS figured out what can be done to get rid of ants. You don’t have to make any special effort to do this.

If you do not get rid of ants in time, they can bring with them more harmful insects – aphids, which are “grazed”. Ants can also eat young seedlings, spread fungal and bacterial plant diseases, spread weeds around the garden, dig anthills under garden plants and interfere with their growth, eat up sweet fruits. In general, they cannot be considered unambiguous pests, but still many gardeners find it necessary to keep them away from their plants.

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You need to start the process of processing from ants with a thorough inspection of the garden, as soon as it gets steadily warmer and insects begin to wake up. While they are still weak and have not had time to start breeding, and there is almost no greenery, ant nests can be found quite easily.

Each discovered nest must be sprinkled with tobacco ash, trying to get into the moves. Ants cannot stand the smell of this product and will leave the contaminated area. If the tobacco does not work, you can treat the nests with the appropriate factory insecticide.

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