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Horoscope for the day of the vernal equinox: which signs will fall into the favorites of fate

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Already on March 20, the day of the spring equinox will come – a new astrological year. This is a time of renewal, rebirth and radical change for all zodiac signs.

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Astrologers have analyzed the celestial situation and tell what kind of changes it will be. And they advised how best to spend the day of the equinox and what to focus on.


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People born under this sign have a fast and fiery energy, but the spring equinox will require them to slow down. As much as you want to grab onto one of the many opportunities, hold yourself back. Make better connections with new people and deepen them with your loved ones. Expanding your social circle and taking care of your own resources will benefit you.


Since 2018, Taurus has been under quite strong pressure from the square aspect of Uranus and Saturn. But this year’s spring equinox will bring relief to this sign. It’s time for you to rest. Appreciate comfort and joy, take care of yourself, concentrate on what you plan to accomplish. Your life has been stressful, it’s time to pause for deep relaxation. A change of scenery would be helpful.


A frenzied surge of energy awaits you at the equinox. You may notice a desire for new activities – learning languages, deepening into a new job, gaining knowledge on a topic that was completely unknown to you before. Follow this desire. It will be useful to be creative and go beyond your boundaries. The main condition is that the activity should bring you joy.


You love home comfort – enjoy it to the fullest. Equality means the beginning of a difficult period for you, you will be under pressure. The gains and losses of this period may be too difficult for you to control your emotions. Therefore, stay true to yourself and choose the recovery method that is most comfortable for you. Prepare yourself a delicious drink, open your favorite book. Relax in your atmosphere.

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The beginning of spring, the awakening of life is your element. Equinodship brings you adventure and opportunity, and take advantage of it. Show yourself. You may want to create something meaningful, something that will impact other people’s lives. Don’t hold back this desire. If possible, find a partner who shares the joy of creativity with you. But to realize the plan, you will need discipline, which is sometimes lame in you.


Take care of those you are responsible for. Even if it’s a pet, a houseplant, or you personally. You are now full of resources for this. The astrological situation indicates that you may be feeling tension and in need of balance. Tweak your daily routine towards a more balanced one. And don’t take other people’s words personally. You may be overly sensitive right now, keep that in mind.


Watch your words carefully, especially when you are talking about work matters. Congenital politeness and balance will help to establish many useful connections. You may feel a craving for vigorous activity and increased activity. But the stars recommend focusing and calming down. Now is a good time to switch from having fun to being serious about life.


Equality will be a busy time for you. Your wariness of other people runs the risk of swallowing you up. But now you can relax your guard. Analyze your emotions and feelings and let go of those that you no longer need. Now it should be especially easy for you. Express yourself at work or in other places where you are in the field of view of other people. This way you will be better noticed and appreciated.


It’s time for you not just to light a spark, but to launch a whole firework. But be careful not to burn more than you would like in it. In other words, go big and let yourself shine and be relevant, but don’t be reckless. Make healthy changes to your daily routine. For example, add a workout that is enjoyable for you or take the time to cook healthy meals. Look for comfort in communicating with friends.


The last few years have been a difficult time for you. This spring equinox will be a good moment to analyze what difficulties have been holding you back all along. You can also count on unexpected insight. Focus on values ​​and finances. No matter how difficult it was for you in the past, now you are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and start moving towards it.


You like to be in control, but this equinox will knock the ground out from under you a bit. It can annoy, upset or scare you. But try to muffle your desire for stability and accept the changes that come to you. Moreover, find yourself a new hobby and new friends who could share it with you. Your life should only get brighter.


Take care of yourself during the equinox. The influence of the stars on you will encourage you to loud parties and all kinds of recklessness. Do not deny yourself the joys of life. But remember to be in moderation. It should be your top priority, whether it’s food and drink, information seeking, or communication. You are very sensitive right now, so try to take your time and be attentive to details.

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