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Currants like strawberries: how to grow a giant crop

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Currant is a tasty and healthy berry, often used in cooking for making desserts, compotes, mousses, wine, stuffing for dumplings, etc. And currants are an indispensable source of vitamins for colds and weakened immunity.

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In the spring, it’s time to prepare the soil so that the harvest is really generous. Currant bushes are very unpretentious and do not need special care conditions. But to make the berries juicy, experts advise following a few important tips. GLOBAL HAPPENINGS figured out how to grow large and sweet berries.

landing distance

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To make the currant ugly better, bushes should be planted at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other. The fact is that the currant needs a place and light. And, having planted the bushes at a short distance, the berries can be small.

Life hack for feeding

Gardeners advise feeding currants during budding. Regular potato peels are ideal. But be careful: soak the peelings in boiling water for a few minutes first, otherwise they may germinate. After that, we scatter them under a bush and sprinkle a little earth.

Is it possible to water currants with boiling water

Experts say – yes, you can, but only in early spring, as soon as the snow melts. Pour boiling water into the funnel and generously pour over the bushes. It is important to check the kidneys – if they wake up, boiling water will do much harm. This method will “awaken” the plant and destroy the pests.

Protection against aphids and ants

Bordeaux liquid will protect the currant bush from aphids and ants. Bushes should be sprayed in early spring, until the buds wake up.

Watering in summer

During the heat, it is advised to water currants regularly and plentifully. A layer of mulch will help retain moisture longer.

If currants have been small in recent years

Acidic soil is one of the reasons why currants become smaller over time or stop bearing fruit altogether. Experts advise annually liming around the bushes.


You need to cut:

  • branches older than three years
  • diseased branches
  • damaged branches
  • branches lying on the ground.

Pruning is recommended in the fall.

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Source: Obozrevatel

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