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A hurricane of problems is approaching three signs: who should prepare for trouble

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Life is changeable, so ups and downs often alternate with each other. Of course, one should always believe in the best, not become discouraged and pass all tests with dignity.

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According to astrologers, the coming days of March will be difficult for the three signs of the zodiac. And everything is explained by the location of Saturn in the sign of Pisces – therefore, changes and transformations are inevitable. But the stars advise to be patient and believe in the best – this is the only way to survive difficult times with minimal losses.


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For the sake of work lately you have sacrificed everything – free time, family, health. Unfortunately, you still have not received the desired reward. You will feel overload, professional burnout, weakness and anxiety. Now your responsibilities will seem overwhelming.

Your kindness and devotion will definitely come in handy. But a number of important issues need to be rethought. Are you wasting energy? Have you stopped noticing what really matters?

Conflicts are possible in personal life. The partner may begin to complain about the lack of attention. Try to be more gentle and affectionate, arrange your favorite surprise and spend warm spring evenings together.


People around you may suddenly show anger towards you. You will face a flurry of criticism. You are very sensitive, so you will react painfully to the slightest manifestations of unfriendly behavior. Your sincere emotions may run into a wall of indifference. You will be accused of being dramatic and over-complicating simple things.

You will not understand this behavior, because you yourself do not want to offend anyone. Try to calmly talk and understand the situation.


You have held on too long and tried to show yourself strong in front of others. At the end of March, you will feel mentally tired.

The stars say that you are not as weak as you might think. You should not lock yourself in. If you let everything take its course, you will not feel the taste of victory.

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