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A magnetic storm will cover the earth, but the storm on the Sun will not last long: advice from doctors for weather-dependent

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March 20 will cover the Earth magnetic stormthe consequences of which can be felt weather dependent people. Doctors recommend that during such periods, follow a sleep schedule, reduce the load on the cardiovascular system, and in the presence of chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, carry all the necessary medicines with you.

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Storm on the Sun on Monday won’t be strong and will only last one day. The next storms of this month are expected on March 25-27 (peak on the 26th).

Magnetic (or geomagnetic) storms are called periods of a sharp change in the magnetic field of our planet. Usually they are caused by increased activity of the Sun – a solar coronal mass ejection.

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Extreme geomagnetic storms can even cause major disruptions to technological systems. This is confirmed by research by scientists, for example, this is stated in the ScienceDirect article.

NASA believes that magnetic storms are safe from a health point of view. However, in the scientific community there is another opinion. The field of science devoted to the study of the relationship between health and solar activity is called heliobiology.

Scientific Reports in 2018 wrote that solar activity can cause or exacerbate various problems.

“Disturbed geomagnetic activity can also enhance existing diseases and correlates with a significant increase in cardiac arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, deaths associated with myocardial infarction, changes in blood flow, increased blood pressure and epileptic seizures“, the article says.

Another group of scientists observed a connection (albeit a very small one) between geomagnetic storms and stroke risk. Experts have suggested that solar storms may affect blood pressure, heart rate, blood clotting, or circadian rhythms (also called the body clock) in some people. The researchers themselves called this negative effect on the body “modest.”

At the same time, many doctors have developed recommendations for people who consider themselves weather dependent. One of the main tips is during a magnetic storm avoid excessive physical activity so as not to overload the cardiovascular system.

It is also often recommended to get enough sleep, drink enough water, give up (at least for a while) smoking, alcohol, too fatty foods, take a contrast shower.

People suffering for hypertension (high blood pressure), you should drink more water and reduce your salt intake. The latter retains fluid in the body and leads to an increase in blood pressure. And when hypotension (reduced blood pressure) it is advised to take tonics (required after consulting a doctor).

More tips on how to survive magnetic storms can be found in our material at the link.

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