Which cats are the most difficult: breeds with a “surprise”

People who are little familiar with feline habits may perceive the independent disposition of these wonderful creatures as a bad character. However, in fact, a common language can be found with any cat, if its boundaries are sufficiently respected. However, some breeds are famous for their greater tendency to walk by themselves.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS has compiled a list of such breeds. And he tells who it is better to treat with maximum respect in order to get a wonderful devoted friend.

bengal cat

This breed is derived from a wild Bengal (Far Eastern) cat, and therefore has an appropriate temperament. Similar to miniature leopards, Bengals do not like when they are not allowed something, and have a developed hunting instinct. Therefore, for trying to prohibit such an animal from jumping on a closet or running at night, you can get a good beating. Also, Bengals are very talkative. Therefore, starting such a handsome man, you need to fairly weigh your options.

Abyssinian cat

A miniature creature with huge almond-shaped eyes is not in vain so similar to a tame cougar. Abyssinians are famous for their independent disposition. If such a cat wants to look down on you while you are doing something, do not try to convince him to sit on your hands. In the end, she will come to you as soon as she is ready, because this breed is still very sociable.

british shorthair cat

Despite its phlegmatic nature and magical cheeks, the British cat does not like familiarity and violation of its boundaries. She will gladly keep her people company, but only on her own terms. If they are violated, the British woman will be offended and simply disappear from sight. If you bake it systematically, then even in such a plush creature you can wake up a real predator.

Siamese cat

What distinguishes the Siamese from other stubborn cats is their unwillingness to endure discomfort. The response to interference in the affairs of the Siamese will be immediate. And tangible enough. Therefore, lovers of the breed know that after the first warning it is better to stop trying. Blue-eyed handsome men know better what kind of interaction they want and when.


Representatives of this French breed do not like excessive attention. In combination with developed hunting instincts and innate physical strength, we get an animal that is very able to stand up for its borders. But in general, these cats get along well with all family members who agree to communicate on their terms.

Maine Coon

The greatest threat is the dimensions of this breed – it is officially recognized as the largest of the domestic ones. Maine Coon cattle can give a fair amount. And although these cats are famous for their calm and measured nature, even their patience has its limits. So if an animal is showing a reluctance to communicate, it’s best to take that into account.

Persian cat

This breed is the most phlegmatic of all. And the most shy. Therefore, he will definitely refuse to communicate with strangers. Yes, and to communicate with their owners may not be configured at all. The reaction to a Persian cat’s privacy violation can be unexpectedly powerful.

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