Currant will bear fruit until autumn: how to feed the bushes.

Currant is a tasty and nutritious berry, the sweet taste of which reminds many of childhood. Currants are rich in vitamin C and are good for boosting immunity.

Doctors say that not only berries are useful, but the whole currant bush – decoctions of leaves and twigs will help with flu, sore throat, colds, gout and gastritis. Currants can bear fruit until autumn, if the bushes are properly fed. Read about efficient and effective fertilizer in the material GLOBAL HAPPENINGS.

How to plant currants in spring

Several factors will help grow a rich harvest:

  • good soil
  • timely watering
  • proper feeding

In the spring, before planting currants, humus should be introduced into the hole under the bush, double superphosphate or potassium sulfate. Dolomite flour can be added to acidic soil.

Currant fertilizer

Experts advise feeding currants four times a season.

The buds just opened, prepare a solution of ammonium nitrate. Pour 5 liters of water into a container and add 1 tablespoon of saltpeter. For one bush you will need one such bucket.

With the onset of heat, approximately in the second month of summer, currants should be fed with a special solution. You will need 5 liters of water, 250 ml of bird droppings and 1/2 liter of mullein.

In the first cold at the end of September, the period of the third feeding begins. Irrigation solutions do not need to be prepared. The soil under the bush should be sprinkled with double superphosphate and potassium sulfate in the proportion of 100 grams per ¼ cup.

At the end of October we introduce humus. Pour ½ bucket of humus under each bush and distribute evenly.

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