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Which zodiac signs are insincere: they can lie directly in the eyes

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Insincerity is perhaps the worst human quality. Of course, lies can range from harmless little fabrications and “lies for good” to vicious lies and deliberately misleading someone.

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According to astrologers, there are six zodiac signs that love to lie. Scorpios and Geminis are adept at misleading, and Libras often make fake compliments just to please others.


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Astrologers say that Scorpios are the most deceitful people. They lie, mislead, deceive – and do not feel the pangs of conscience.

Scorpios have a hidden emotional side, but they rarely let anyone close enough to fully open up. By being dishonest about their true feelings, they think they are protecting themselves. In addition, Scorpios themselves have little trust in others, so they judge and act according to their own perception.


Second is Gemini. Outwardly cheerful and sociable, they easily mislead gullible people. In addition, they top the list of gossips and “have no problem repeating what you told them in confidence,” says writer and astrologer Lisa Barretta. This especially two-faced sign also has a hard time being authentic with others. Their words are often at odds with their deeds. These are people who say one thing, but think and do something completely different.


Libra seeks to keep the peace and will lie “for the sake of good.” They will tell you everything you want to hear, as long as you calm down. These people often make fake compliments just to bow to others. Libras are real chameleons. They are able to adapt to anyone. According to Alice Alta, a regular astrologer of the Futurio program, Libra will discuss football with football fans, but if someone tells them that sports are boring, they will easily accept this point of view. It doesn’t matter to them what and to whom to say, the main thing is to assent and nod. Such little lies for the sake of the world lead to the fact that Libra is often called insincere.


Aquarians are extravagant rebels who will do anything to shock and surprise others with their behavior.

“They rarely feel guilty when they twist the truth to get what they want,” said Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense. Therefore, Aquarians easily lie to everyone – friends, relatives, colleagues.

a lion

This horoscope goes from the most deceitful signs to the least, with Leo in fifth place. Lions can lie to assert themselves. Sometimes, intentionally or accidentally, they even humiliate others. Lions are insincere for the sake of success and recognition. They may spread gossip just to be the center of attention.


Capricorns are aloof, cunning and emotionally reserved. According to Lisa Barretta, “Most likely, they will deceive you because of omissions, and not outright lies.” Capricorns are used to hiding feelings so as not to show others their weakness. Sometimes they lie just to hurt others more.

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