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    Medvedchuk will be released from house arrest – the UCP named the reason

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    In one of the criminal proceedings, the politician has been sitting at home for six months.

    Will Medvedchuk not need to stay at home anymore? Collage “Today”

    People’s Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk wants to change the measure of restraint. His term of house arrest is coming to an end and he no longer has the right to keep him at home, but prosecutors will ask the court for a personal obligation for a suspect in high treason. This was stated by the Office of the Attorney General.

    The UCP notes that prosecutors appealed to the court with a petition to choose a measure of restraint for the suspect of treason and attempted looting of national values, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, since the deadline of 6 months of his stay under round-the-clock house arrest in this criminal proceeding has ended (he is under arrest with May) and further renewal is not possible.

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    “The only preventive measure that the prosecution can petition for is a personal obligation with the imposition of duties on the suspect. On November 2, the Pechersk District Court of Kiev will consider the relevant petition of the prosecutors.”, – the message says.

    What does a “personal commitment” provide?

    • Arrive at every request of the pre-trial investigation body, prosecutor or court.
    • Do not leave Kiev and the Kiev region without the permission of the investigator, prosecutor or court.
    • Inform the investigator, prosecutor or court about a change in your place of residence and / or place of work.
    • Refrain from communicating with suspects, witnesses in accordance with the list determined by the investigator or prosecutor.
    • Submit to the pre-trial investigation body his passports for traveling abroad and other documents that give him the right to leave and enter Ukraine.
    • Wear an electronic control device.

    At the same time, the prosecutor’s office recalled that Medvedchuk is now under round-the-clock house arrest in another criminal proceeding on the fact of high treason and assistance to terrorist activities.

    What is incriminated to Medvedchuk

    Viktor Medvedchuk is suspected of high treason, violation of the laws and customs of war, sponsoring ORDLO militants and fraud with coal. He shines from 12 years in prison to life. Among the charges brought against him:

    • attempted plundering of natural resources (according to the investigation, in 2015 the defendants in the case entered into an agreement with an official of the Russian government to extract minerals on the Black Sea shelf);
    • the transfer of information containing state secrets to the Russian special services (in 2020, Medvedchuk allegedly transferred information about a secret unit of the Ukrainian army to Kozak, who was at that time in Russia);
    • anti-Ukrainian activity (Medvedchuk is suspected of intending to create an “infrastructure of influence” through the Ukrainians working in the Russian Federation);
    • sponsoring terrorism through one of the Ukrainian banks with the permission of the country’s top officials.

    On August 20, Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova announced that the investigation into Medvedchuk had been completed – preparations were underway to consider the case in court in essence.

    But on October 8, Putin’s godfather was informed of a new suspicion, and on October 12 they even tried to change his measure of restraint from house arrest to a pre-trial detention center with the possibility of a billion hryvnia bail. But the court left him under house arrest until December 7.


    Source From: Segodnya

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