Three signs of the zodiac will become participants in conflicts: there will be quarrels in the family and at work

In the coming days, representatives of the three signs of the zodiac will feel the negative energy of Saturn, which is in the sign of Pisces. This will lead to aggravation of conflicts with colleagues, relatives and friends.

According to astrologers, Mercury retrograde in Taurus will bring new challenges. But everything is for the better – after a difficult period, Lions, Libra and Pisces will be able to better understand themselves and rethink their relationship with people around them.

a lion

For Lviv, a period of challenges will come. You will not be able to easily deal with the growing irritation. The beginning of spring was a really “stellar” time for you – you achieved success in your career, had professional growth and received encouragement from management.

But the second half of March will bring a misunderstanding. Some people may believe that it is thanks to them, and not to their hard work, that success has come to you. You will feel attempts to humiliate you. While you are too focused on work, someone will please their ego and use your achievements for their own purposes. Leo is not the sign that will be silent in response to injustice.


For friendly peacekeepers, a period of conflict has also begun. You are selfless and sympathetic, ready with all devotion and kindness to help others.

It seems to you that everyone appreciates you for noble and heroic deeds, but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. In an imperfect life, some people will go too far and take advantage of your kindness for their own selfish purposes. They will interfere in your privacy and ask for favors beyond your ability. And, not getting what they want, they will “drink” all the energy out of you.

Astrologers advise to rest, slow down and not stop feeling guilty about everything. Take a break, pay attention to health.


Conflicts should not be taken too personally, it can even undermine your health. You are sincere, considerate and sympathetic and expect that the environment will match the good for the good you have done. It is not always so.

You need to take a break and spend time alone with yourself. The unfavorable period will not last long. Bright days will return and bring you joy and optimism.

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