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Archbishop Palermo, ‘hundreds dead not buried, is inhuman’

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No green pass, Puzzer with a table in Piazza del Popolo in Rome (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PALERMO, 02 NOV – “On this day, dedicated to the commemoration of the faithful departed, right here at the Rolls, at the foot of Monte Pellegrino, where hundreds of our long-deceased loved ones do not even find the possibility of a worthy burial because of human neglect and the ignominy of those who want to gain even in the most decisive and disruptive moment of the mystery of life which is death, an appeal is raised above all to realize how important the body is in our existence “.

This was said by the archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice in the homily of the Eucharistic celebration celebrated this morning in the chapel of the cemetery of Santa Maria dei Rotoli on the occasion of the commemoration of the deceased faithful. At the cemetery of the Rotoli of Palermo for months the coffins have remained un-buried due to the lack of niches and graves.

“In recent months and even now, all over the world – he added – many, we are all experiencing the tragedy of a solitary death, of a terrible distance from the dear body that dies, and here in Palermo even of a missed and worthy burial of many of our dear fellow citizens, relatives and friends. We cannot be silent. This is inhuman. It is unthinkable that in a human coexistence it can happen that bodies are violated, in life and in death. Never. Every contempt for bodies destructures, brutalises and tears apart the human city No one can rape the bodies, no one can exploit them for lust or for profit, even more so in a cemetery, a sacred place for the Archdiocese of Palermo excellence, of memory, of rest and of waiting for eternal life, of desire for communion without end “”. (ANSA).

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Source From: Ansa

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