Which cats are most attached to the owner: the friendliest breeds

You don’t like cats? You just don’t know how to be friends with them. So say those who really know how to make friends with a beautiful fluffy creature without encroaching on its independence. However, some breeds of cats are still somewhat more prone to human contact.

The Daily Paws edition named the top 9 such breeds. And also told where the attachment of cats to people comes from and how to develop it.

What makes a cat be meek?

The behavior of the animal begins to form at the age of 3 to 7 weeks. It is at this moment that you can already notice which kitten will grow up tame and affectionate, and which one – independent and unsociable. If a kitten doesn’t get to know people early on, it probably won’t grow up to be very outgoing. And a negative childhood experience of interacting with bipeds will form distrust in the animal, which in one form or another will persist even if it receives a loving and patient owner.

In general, several factors can influence the affection of a fluffy.

Host gender

Studies show that cats prefer contact with women. This is because they like high and soft voices more. But the sex of the animal does not matter, giant cats can be extremely meek, and small fluffy cats can be inhuman and even aggressive.


An uncastrated animal will from time to time look for love somewhere else – not in the arms of its human. A sterilized woman will not suffer from an unrealized sexual instinct, there will be fewer health risks, she will live longer and will give all her love to people.


A cat can react to her own pregnancy and the birth of kittens in very different ways. Some will persistently seek help and protection from their man, others will defend the litter with redoubled enthusiasm. Either way, if you’re planning on kittens, be aware that your pussy petting level can change quite noticeably.


If your cat suddenly becomes very nice to you, look into his bowl. It’s possible you forgot to feed him. Cats are natural manipulators and quickly learn that more food can be obtained with friendly behavior. For example, begging a little from each family member.


Just like humans, cats become more susceptible to chronic diseases, such as arthritis, as they age. For such an animal, your touch can be painful. Therefore, the purr may seem more aloof, although in fact he loves you the same way, just now he is forced to limit physical contact.

What breeds are the most meek

And here is a list of breeds that are most inclined to show tenderness towards people. They are the most willing to make contact and will not show excessive aggression.


This blue-eyed creature is known for its ability to relax in the hands of a person. Regdols love physical contact and try to always be somewhere close to their human. They are friendly to all family members, calm and balanced.

Maine coon

A giant cat that looks like a lynx, in fact, there is a little kitten in the shower that needs love and attention. Maine Coons often choose one person for themselves, whom they love the most, but they do not deprive other households of attention either.

Siamese cat

Siamese love to be with people all the time. So the owner of such an animal should be prepared for the fact that his personal space will become much less. These cats love to be the center of attention and are friendly even to other animals in the house.

Scottish lop-eared

This friendly and gentle creature, similar to an owl thanks to its folded ears, will become your second shadow. Scottish folds love to be around, but they are not imposed on people. Although physical contact is also welcome.

Burmese cat

Unlike most cats, Burmese are delighted with children. To be happy, these creatures need love and attention, even if they are somewhat intrusive and sometimes physically unpleasant, like childish pampering. And representatives of the breed can be taught to play with toys, like dogs.

Persian cat

The level of aggression of the Persians is perhaps the lowest of all domestic cats. They are calm, friendly and balanced, although they are very shy, so they are unlikely to come out to your guests. But family members will be happy to give all their time and attention.

Burmese cat

This is a lively breed that loves active games. Burmese are happiest when people participate in these games with them. The more the golden-eyed animal receives attention, the more it returns in the form of tenderness and affection.


The specific appearance of hairless cats may seem intimidating to some. In fact, under these folds of skin lies a kind and loving heart. The Sphinx will seek warmth from its human. And not only physically, but mentally as well.

bombay cat

Despite their resemblance to wild panthers, Bombays are ideal house cats. They are friendly, sociable, intelligent and affectionate. These animals perfectly adapt to the lifestyle of their owner and get along well with all family members – from small to old, as well as other animals.

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