How to prune fruit trees to increase yield: three main rules

Incorrect pruning can be detrimental to a tree, especially a young or very healthy one. That is why it is important to know how to properly prune fruit trees so as not to make mistakes.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS figured out the nuances of such care and tells how to improve the condition of trees through pruning, rejuvenate them and make them more productive. Your garden will look great and be healthy.

Don’t hit the flower buds

The future harvest begins with flower buds, because it is the flower that gives the ovary as a result. Therefore, you need to cut them very carefully – remove as little as possible. Study what these buds look like on the trees you have in your garden. As a rule, these are grayish kidneys of a rounded shape on a leg. Try to bypass them while pruning the crown.

cut through the crown

Too dense crown gives a strong shadow and passes less air. Accordingly, the fruits ripen longer, grow smaller and have a worse taste. Also, moisture accumulates in the thickened crown, attracting pests and provoking disease. Therefore, you need to trim the tree in such a way as to thin out the excessive mass of branches.

Limit tree height

The best fruit tree height is about 2.2-2.5 meters. So it is easiest to care for him: spray, cut and harvest. Also, approximately the same height allows you to evenly distribute sunlight between the trees. That’s why you should keep them at this level with pruning.

Choose the right time to trim

Pruning a tree too early creates a risk that it will suffer from frost. If you cut the tree late, it will lose juice for a long time, which will have a bad effect on its condition. Experienced gardeners recommend choosing a day for the procedure when the sun is already quite active, but the air does not warm up much above 0 degrees. Under such conditions, the plant itself is still sleeping, but its bark has already become soft enough for easy pruning. The best time for such care is the second half of March and the beginning of April.

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