Become friends: what breeds of cats get along easily with dogs

The expression “live like a cat and a dog” means the intransigence of two people. But do cats and dogs really not get along? Not really. These animals are able to be very affectionate friends and constantly multiply the joy in the house. But certain breeds of cats tend to be friends with dogs more than others.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS talks about a dozen cat breeds, whose representatives are the easiest to get along with dogs. At the same time, they are also very open to people.

abyssinian cat

This is one of the most extroverted cat breeds. Abysinians will be glad to any communication and will gladly make friends with the dog, especially if it shares their passion for active games.

american shorthair

The process of adaptation of such a cat to a dog is unlikely to be fast. But it will end with the fact that the animals really become friends. Also, cats of this breed are friendly to children.

Burmese cat

Burmese can be trained to play, almost like a dog. For example, these cats love to bring balls. So with dogs they will definitely not be bored.

bombay cat

Due to their innate playfulness, Bombays can not only quickly make friends with a dog, but also become the initiator of all joint entertainment. Such company is well suited for dogs prone to separation anxiety.

Maine coon

The giant cat is larger than some dogs, and the dogs respect that. Especially considering that Maine Coons are not inclined to use their advantage in size – they are very sociable with dogs.


This is one of the most affectionate cat breeds that loves to sit in the hands of a person. Just as willingly, ragdoll will make contact with a dog.

japanese bobtail

This breed is recommended for those who have restless children. And why is the dog not a restless child? The Japanese Bobtail will be very patient with the dog.

norwegian forest cat

Another giant breed that knows its worth. Norwegians love to walk on the street, so they will gladly keep the dog company not only at home, but also on a walk.

tonkinese cat

These cats are very devoted to their family and do not make a difference who exactly is in it. So a dog for a Tonkinese will be the same member of the family as any of the people.

Siberian cat

These fluffy creatures are valued for their high intelligence and sociability. They show these qualities in communication not only with people, but also with other animals, in particular with dogs.

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