Warm Alexei: what is this holiday, traditions and prayer

On March 30, Orthodox believers honor the memory of St. Alexei. On the penultimate day of March, real spring usually already came, so that the people called it “warm Alexei’s day.”

Victor, Gabriel, Makar, Alexander, Alexei and Pavel celebrate the day of the angel. Read about the traditions and beliefs of March 30 in the material GLOBAL HAPPENINGS.

Who was Reverend Alexei

The Monk Alexei was born in Rome in the 4th century. His parents were wealthy Christians who lived very pious lives and honored Jesus Christ.

In his youth, Alexei was married, but was forced to leave his wife, renounce wealth and devote himself to service. For 17 years he lived in Edessa near the temple of the Virgin, until the sexton appeared in a dream to the Virgin Mary. She called Alexei the husband of God and ordered him to be brought to the temple.

The news of the vision quickly spread throughout the city, but Alexei did not strive for fame, so he left the city. Wealthy parents did not recognize their son and Alexei was forced to beg.

The monk led an honest, righteous and merciful life.

folk traditions

On this day, the peasants began to prepare for field work. On warm Alexei, it is customary to take out potatoes, repair equipment and feed the soil. If the snow melted on March 30, the beekeepers took out the hives.

But they tried to complete all the work by the evening, so that when the whole family gathered, they could say goodbye to the cold with a delicious dinner together.

The girls were going to go call for spring. Going out into the field, they put a pie on a towel, bowed and said: “Here you are, mother spring, a new new thing!”.

Signs on the warm Alexei

Our ancestors noticed: what the weather is like for warm Alexei, Easter will be like that.

A warm and sunny day heralds a fruitful year. If bees flew out on March 30, there will be a lot of honey.

And to see how high the geese fly in the sky is not good. The ground will still be covered with snowfalls and a cold snap will come.

Warm Alexei: what is this holiday, traditions and prayer

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