No more traffic light bashing: the coalition is not as bad as it is made out to be

How did they attack the traffic lights, interest groups, the opposition, the media. As if struggling for 30 hours to bring together the best for the country wasn’t worth it at all. And is that justified?

No it is not. Because politics is not a choral society, harmony, and the crises that have to be overcome – yes, if you don’t fight for the right way, argue, you’ve already lost. It’s not like there’s one, one with the only right solution. Coalition is also another word for compromise.

Red, green, yellow found it. And that wisely with the proviso that changing world situations could result in different decisions. That, too, is part of the political craft.

This view, the sole one that is offset against each other, who has enforced what; that it is only asked who is the winner of the event – that is not complex. It’s also outdated. That doesn’t help.

Where some say the glass is half empty, others say it is half full. That’s right. You can also change your attitude towards something – and see, then the positive things stick. The positive brings you further. Especially if it is reinforced, the psychologist knows.

If the government is at odds, how can the electorate be satisfied? Looking at it in perspective, what Chancellor Olaf Scholz says is not entirely wrong: that the deadlock has been overcome. He means the one from earlier years, more conservative in character, but the same applies to the current government.

The progress may be smaller than desired, but it is concrete. For example, the traffic light wants to speed up the planning process – a good thing. The fact that rail has priority here is also good, as it balances out the list of 144 freeway projects. Both are undoubtedly in the “overriding public interest”. And administrative law has a serving function for future generations.

Stephan Andreas Casdorff is the publisher of the Tagesspiegel. He demands: Justice for the traffic light!

Or the truck toll with a CO2 surcharge: money from the toll will help rail traffic. Five billion euros – not little, and the entry into the 45 that the railway needs. The coalition partners are at least trying to repair them. And: The toll decision should also help to sell electrically powered vehicles.

progress along the highways

That solar systems and wind turbines should be located along German autobahns – yes, that’s an idea! And not a bad one. Citizens can also look forward to the fact that e-mobility is being promoted by charging stations at petrol stations.

The fact that the climate protection law is being watered down, as the opposition mockers and reprimands, can be viewed differently. It is made practicable to achieve the climate goals. If they are achieved overall, across sectors: good. If not, then action will be taken. Means: The much scolded transport minister will have to do his part. The horror of the environmental organizations is premature.

On the subject of e-fuels: they can’t do any harm. Because nothing harms what helps to operate existing combustion vehicles in a climate-neutral manner, wherever, in heavy goods, ship and air traffic and in cars. This is not just a quirk of the FDP. But won’t it be too expensive? This is not least a challenge for industry. That’s not bad either.

Last but not least: heaters. The fact that climate-friendly heating systems must be installed remains unchanged. The year 2045 applies here. But there is also the promise that the costs for particularly burdened households will be financially cushioned. How and when? The coalition will certainly deliver that, the draft law, not just a draft bill, is coming. The traffic light itself knows that otherwise it is lost. Because, quite simply, the citizens will otherwise punish them. And choose no more.

In summary: traffic light bashing is too easy. Especially because the tasks are more complicated. The coalition is perhaps not as bad as it is made out to be.

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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