Covid: deaths in RSA Vercelli, hearing postponed to December 3

Australia, the audio at the time of the discovery of Cleo Smith (ANSA)

(ANSA) – VERCELLI, 04 NOV – The preliminary hearing for the death of 48 elderly people from Covid, which took place in the first lockdown at the retirement home in Vercelli, has been postponed to December 3.

This morning in the large courtroom of Vercelli the judge’s decision on the indictment was awaited that the prosecutor asked for five people, including the administrative director of the RSA Alberto Cottini and the medical director Sara Bouvet. The other requests for indictment of the prosecutor Carlo Introvigne concern a 118 doctor, the coordinator of the Oss of the nursing home and the former general manager of the ASL Chiara Serpieri; the investigation by the prosecutor aims to shed light on the responsibilities for deaths in the structure of Piazza Mazzini due to the spread of the infection among guests and operators.

Fourteen requests for civil litigation, including some relatives of the victims and a non-profit organization of the victims of the RSA. The judge postponed the hearing to December 3 so that the defense of the accused can verify the acts of appearance of the civil party and discuss their admission. On that date it will be possible to understand who will eventually choose the ordinary rite and who the abbreviated rite. (HANDLE).


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